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Lazertran Inkjet Decaled DrinkingGlass

Lazertran Inkjet Decals Last if Treated Properly

Hi there! I stumbled upon you after finding an Apartment Therapy DIY post about transferring images to ceramic plates with a link to your blog about a more permanent technique. I have a question … [Read More...]


Waterslide Decal Facts

Knowing Waterslide Decal Facts Assures Good Results To understand various ways that waterslide decals can be used, it helps to understand some waterslide decal facts. Waterslide Decal Fact: … [Read More...]

Craft Holiday Planning Spreadsheet

Holiday Craft Planning App

Make Craft Holiday Planning Easy I created this Excel craft holiday planning spreadsheet for my own use. Then I realized that you might like to use it as well. Anyone who hand crafts gifts and … [Read More...]