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Easter Grass DIY Using a Pasta Machine

Easter Grass DIY: Free and Easy

Easter Grass DIY Using a Pasta Machine I got this pasta machine idea for Easter grass DIY idea from a post by Pretty Handy Girl Brittany Bailey. Brittany created Faux Blue Bird Eggs and Nest and … [Read More...]

Going Home Postcard Art

Postcard Art: Mixed Media Mini-Practice

Mail and Postcard Art are Perfect for Practicing Mixed Media Techniques If you're hesitant to try mixed media layering techniques on a large canvas or in an art journal for posterity, try … [Read More...]


Waterslide Decals for Hard Surfaces

To understand some of the various ways the waterslide decals can be used, it helps to understand their composition. Once printed, the decals have four layers: 1. the paper backing which will be … [Read More...]