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Crayola Model Magic Marshmallow Clay

Marshmallow Clay Recipe & Information

Eva Stosic's Marshmallow Clay Recipe and Art Eva shared photos of this 12 x 16.5-inch mosaic clay cross stitch cat made with her original air-dry marshmallow clay recipe. Then she kindly offered … [Read More...]

Scrapbooking Outside the Box: Before & After

Scrapbooking Outside the Box

Blocky Layout Makeover: Scrapbooking Outside the Box Precise right-angled shapes make the eye jump from one to another on a scrapbook page. That's fine for a Project Life scrapbook page or for … [Read More...]

Photoshop Non-Destructive Layer Examples

Photoshop Non-Destructive Layers

Photoshop Non-Destructive Layers Make Adjustments Reversible Have you ever re-colored or otherwise altered a scrapbook page element in Photoshop using the Image tab adjustments in the top menu? … [Read More...]