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Thanksgiving Decor: Happy Fall Y'all Plaque

Thanksgiving Decor: Playing House

My friend Barbara has a real eye for interior design. When she entertains, she goes all-out with the decorations and says she's "playing house." It is fun making your house gleam and glitter with all … [Read More...]

No Sew Potholder: Good Result with Heat & Bond

No Sew Potholders: Upcycled Kitchen Towels

I bought a bunch of microfiber dish towels only to find that they didn't absorb moisture. That's not a good thing for a dish towel, but i t's a great feature for potholders. Have you ever burned … [Read More...]


Recycling and Repurposing

[I received this supportive note in response to the story about my adventure in Dumpster Diving. I thought you would enjoy it too.] Hi Eileen, I'm totally impressed ... Been there done that ... … [Read More...]