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Baby Shadow Box

Baby Shadow Box: Great Gift for New Mom

What New Mom Wouldn't Love This Baby Shadow Box? I took an awesome class at Creative Live: 3D Mixed Media Art Displays taught by mixed media artist Stephenie Hamen. I was just blown away by her … [Read More...]

Fabric Painted Tee Shirt

Fabric Painted Tee Shirt DIY

Fabric Painted Tee Shirt: Stamped and Stenciled This fabric painted tee shirt came with a manufacturer's defect. I bought it at deep discount confidant that I could either remove the stain or … [Read More...]

Polymer Clay Cross Stitch Clay Cat Detail

Clay Cross Stitch by Eva Stosic

Air-Dry Clay Cross Stitch by Eva Stosic Have you ever heard of clay cross stitch? The words "unique" and "original" hardly do justice to clay artist Eva Stosic's latest adventures in … [Read More...]