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6 Crafty Solutions to Remedy Common Household Problems

Whether you live in a cozy condo, an attractive apartment or a huge home, chances are good that there are several nagging little issues that you would like to fix. Fortunately, there are dozens of … [Read More...]

Oil Paint Marker Mug After Baking

Oil Paint Markers Baked on Ceramic Mug

Performance Test: Sharpie Regular Markers Compared to Sharpie Oil Paint Markers Baked on Ceramic It’s time for a do-over. Let’s find out if Sharpie Oil Paint Markers baked on ceramic perform … [Read More...]

Heart Flower Arrangement

Valentine Flowers Crafts Make Memories Last

What to Do With Valentine Flowers When the Bloom is Off the Rose There is something wonderful about fresh flowers on Valentine's Day from your honey. Whether your Valentine flowers are red … [Read More...]