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women hand painted silk

Archival Materials

Protect Your Art for Posterity Hello! This is an excellent website. I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions for me. I am making collages and would like to mount them and coat them … [Read More...]

Turkey travel photography on clothespins

Decoupage a Wall

I want to make my own photo collage and adhere it directly to the wall for a seamless look. I was thinking of using Mod Podge, but then got concerned about ever being able to remove the photos from … [Read More...]

Tuscany, wine - hand drawn collection

Tuscan-Design Patio Tile Plaques

Where can I buy quick fuse iron on sheets--want to iron onto tiles scenes of Tuscany to put on a patio outside?? I bought my Quick Fuse Iron-On Inkjet Fabric Sheets from JoAnn.com. They were … [Read More...]