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Candle making is an easy and fun craft. There are so many things you can do to make original items. With gel waxes, you can make just about any fancy candle from bubbling champagne in a fluted glass to a strawberry pie.

Candles make great gifts and are an easy to sell craft.

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Candle Articles

Candy Cane Candle Holder
Easy to make Christmas decoration.

Canning Jar Candles
An easy to make craft idea, great for gifts or for sale.

Decoupage under Glass Candle Holders
Set A Romantic Mood – How to create decoupage under glass candle holders.

Easy Candle Decoration in a Jiffy
A fast and easy way to dress up a plain candle.

Gel Candles
An easy-to-make alternative to wax candles.

Heart Beaded Décor Candle
These beaded candles are easy to make and appropriate for many occasions.

Kudzu Candles and Crafts
Uses for Kudzu – The Plant That Ate the South.

Miniature Planter or Candle Holder
How to make and decorate miniature candle holders, a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Potpourri Tart Recipe
How to make scented wax disks to melt as a potpourri.

Preserved Flower Candles
How to preserve your favorite flower in a candle.

Recycling Candle Wax
How to save old candles and recycle them into usable candle wax.

Tole Painted Candle Holders
Ways to decorate tin can candle holders.

Unique Tin Can Candle Holders
Clever and artistic ways to recycle your tins cans.

Valentine Garland Candle
A simple idea to dress up a candle for Valentines Day or any other holiday.

Zero Cost Candle
How to make decorative candles that cost nothing.

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