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Modeling Clay Articles

Recipes and Articles About Home Cured & Polymer Clays

Polymer Peace Pendant
Polymer Peace Pendant

Home cured modeling clays are inexpensive and fun to work with. With a little imagination, you can create ivory, jade, African trade beads and more using these simple clays. I even have a reader building a castle out of polymer clay.

Here are our home cured clay recipes and articles. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, use the search box or Contact Us to send us your questions.

Visit us often since we are constantly adding new content.

Modeling Clay Articles

Adjusting Homemade Clay Recipes for High Altitude and Humidity
Clay recipes – like any other – may need adjusting for your locale.

Home Cured Modeling Clays
An overview of the different types of home cured clays, with a list of their pros & cons.

Bread Based Clays
Tips and recipes for using bread based clays.

Baby Footprint Pendant
How to make a one of a kind clay pendant.

Clay Pendants
Inspired by a unique pendant you’ve seen. How to DIY with clay.

Clay Pot Baby Snowman Ornament
Another cute Christmas decoration.

Clay Pot Easter Bunny and Chicks
Simple clay pots make cute spring and Easter decorations.

Clay Pot Nutcracker Ornament
A cute Christmas ornament.

Clay Pot Reindeer Ornament
Use as an ornament, centerpiece or place card holder.

Clay Pot Snowman
Christmas decoration.

Clay Tile Pattern
Make and frame your own hand made tiles using Sculpey Polymer Clay.

Clay & Ceramic Repairs
How to repair damaged clay and ceramic objects.

Clay Wind Chimes
A craft project for seniors.

Cornstarch Based Clays
Tips and recipes for using cornstarch based clays.

Easy Mold Making for Resin or Clay
Do you know how easy mold making is? I duplicated a 3/4″ diameter pendant of a frog on a lily pad after losing one from a jewelry set. Which is the copy?

Garden Bells
Clay pot garden bells are easy to make and customize.

Gourds and Polymer Clay
How to prevent breakage in clay figures over gourds.

Homemade Air Dry Clay Questions
Answers to homemade air dry clay questions re durability, cracking & crumbling. Recipes for cold porcelain, pasta francesa, biscuit and marshmallow clays.

Homemade vs. Commercial Doll Making Polymer Clay for Doll Making
Pros and cons of using commercial or handmade polymer clays in doll making.

Homemade vs Commercial Clays
The pros and cons of Pasta Frencesa and Cold Porcelain Clays versus commercial polymers.

Homemade Polymer Clay Recipe Tips
Tips on mixing your own polymer clay.

How to Transfer Tiny Hand and Foot Prints to Your Art
How to transfer images to clay art.

Makers Mark Stamps
Adding the professional touch to your clay work.

Making Polymer Clay Food Safe
Tips on safely using polymer clay on food items.

Marshmallow Clay Recipe & Information
Marshmallow clay refers to a soft cloud-like consistency air-dry clay like Crayola Model Magic. See Eva Stosic’s original marshmallow clay recipe and art.

More Homemade Clay Recipes
New and improved homemade clay recipes, including a great recipe from Eva Stosic.

Non-Toxic Glazes
Safe to use polymer glazes.

Painted Tile Pattern
Easy to make and attractive hand painted framed tile wall hanging.

Paper Clay Roses
How to make and decorate these beautiful roses.

Polymer Clay Cracking
Proper design and curing may prevent cracking in finished pieces.

Polymer Clay Castle
Using plastic sheeting to create castle walls and floors.

Polymer Clay Cross Stitch
Have you ever heard of polymer clay cross stitch? The words unique and original hardly do justice to artist Eva Stosic’s latest adventures in polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Millefiore Beads
Improvising your polymer clay recipe to make millefiore beads.

Polymer Clay Peace Pendant
A colorful one of a kind pendant.

Polymer Clay Tribal Necklace
Using molds to make clay necklace and earrings.

Polymer Clay Storage
How to store polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Tips
Tips on how to use polymer clays, such as Sculpey, with an eye towards a professional result.

Polymer Clay Toxicity? – Not
Research that clears up the notion that polymer clay products are toxic.

Pottery Coffee Mug
How to get started making pottery.Also food safe glazes.

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
Make your own fine jewelry.

Recipe for Microwave Polymer Clay
Polymer clay must be heated for the ingredients to polymerize – salt clay does not have to be cooked. Recipes for each.

Repainting Clay Pots
Freshen up the look of old clay ware.

Sculpey Clay Dot Flowerpot
A cute little decorative item.

Sculpey Safety
Could Liquid Sculpey set a toaster oven on fire?

Snow People Sculpture
A simple sculpture using homemade clays.

Turkey Napkin Rings
Clay napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table.

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