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Craft Business Articles

How to Start and Run a Small Business

Open for Business Sign

For Profit
An introduction to the business of crafting.

The Four M’s

Meet Your Market
Is there a market for your craft? How to find out

Minimize Your Cost
In order to be profitable, you must keep your costs down. Here are some suggestions on how to do so.

More Cost Control Measures
More resources for saving money on craft materials.

Maximize Your Price
Ways to get to maximal price for your craft.

Market Your Craft
Ways to find buyers for your finished projects.

Traditional Craft Retailing

Retailing Your Crafts in the Traditional Way
From your “circle of friends” to craft shows to art galleries and craft stores. Ways to market your crafts in traditional venues.

Craft Marketing Ideas
Tips on how to get started marketing crafts.

Craft Shows, Fairs & Other Events
Shows and events, including trade shows you might want to consider attending.

Non Traditional Craft Marketing – Part One
Some other ways to market your crafts.

Non Traditional Craft Marketing – Part Two
More ways to market your crafts.

Your Guide to Selling Crafts on the Internet

Are Free Websites Worth It?
I do not believe so. I think the little extra time, cost and effort will pay for itself over the long run.

Build Your Own Website?
While not for everyone, your own website, if done right, can set you on the road to success.

Do I Need a Website?
Should a crafter market her crafts on a co-op website?

eBay Selling Tips
How to maximize your profits when selling crafts on eBay.

Four Mistakes Online Sellers Make Every Day
Maximize your profits by avoiding these common errors.

Marketing Your Website
Some tips on getting visitors to your website or virtual store.

Online Auctions
What better way to get involved selling online than using these resources. Learn how to get started.

Simple Steps to Promote Your Crafts Website
Simple steps you can take to promote your craft website, to draw more visitors and to increase your sales.

Site Build It
Why you should choose Site Build It as your website development program.

Virtual Stores
More ways to get your crafts in front of millions of potential buyers.

Craft Trends

Craft Trends – Part One: Introduction
Trends come and go. Stay on top of the current trends to keep your craft business sales flourishing.

Barometer One: Your Personal Marketplace
Listen to your customers. They might be leading you to the latest trend.

Barometer Two: The General Marketplace
The general marketplace is where major trends are set. Follow the lead using new styles, colors and techniques in your craft business.

Barometer Three: The Trend Watchers
Watch the watchers. Learn from what they say and do.

Trends to Watch
New trends that might help you create crafts that are in more demand.

Emerging Trends for Things Custom or Handmade
More than ever the handcrafted and unique are sought after.

Differentiate Your Work
Even if you follow the trends, you work has to stand out to be salable.

Other Craft Business Related Articles

10 Ways Your Chamber of Commerce Can Help Your Crafts Business Grow
Use your local Chamber of Commerce as a way to meet and network with your area businesses.

Advanced Selling Tips
Ideas to help your craft stand out from the competition. Tricks for selling to consider.

Advanced Marketing Tips
How to face the daunting challenge of craft marketing.

Beading Parties
A fun idea for kids and adults alike – a great business idea.

Beading Party Tips
How to make your beading party a success.

Boomers on the Brink
Ideas and tips to help the “Boomers” among us get financial freedom through self-employment. A short list of legitimate home based business opportunities.

Budget Advice for New Craft Businesses
Use a dynamic budget to stay on top of your business and to help you make critical decisions.

Commercial Printing Options for Original Card Designs
Differences in cost and quality between offset and digital printing.

Copyrighted Wine Labels in Collage Art
There are copyright infringement issues to deal with when using copyrighted wine labels for commercial use collage art. How to avoid legal problems.

Craft Business Answers
How to create multiple streams of income to make your craft business profitable.

Craft Business Startups
Selling your crafts.

Database Software for Your Craft Business
Which software to use for your craft business database.

Dealing with Difficult Customers
Spotting and handling difficult customers.

Dumpster Diving for Craft Supplies
Almost Free!

Financing Your Craft Business
Ideas on getting financing for your craft business startup, including government grants and loans.

Finding Work for Your Craft Business
Business is not that hard to find.

Flea Markets Are for the Birds
Sometimes flea markets are not the best place to market quality craftwork

Getting Started on a Shoestring
Some ways to start a craft business without laying out a lot of money.

Great Income Opportunity for Stay at Home Moms
Learn how to plan for a home based summer camp for kids.

Homecoming Mums Business
Starting a homecoming mums business.

How to Launch a Craft Business
Tips for a crafter looking to launch her own craft business.

Ideas for Selling Crafts Internationally
Some thoughts on how to sell crafts internationally.

Insurance for Your Craft Business
Do you need insurance for your craft business? Do you already have the coverage you need?

Jewelry Booth Selling
Maximizing your sales.

Jewelry Repairs
Expand your craft business by doing repairs.

Pinterest Tips & Holiday Most Pinned
Whether you use it for fun or business, these Pinterest tips tell how to use it efficiently, safely and intelligently. Don’t waste time or get spammed.

Publish a Craft Site?
If you publish a craft site, beware of the guest post offer scam.

Selling Craft Patterns
How to start craft publishing.

Selling Digital Images at the Buyers Market of American Craft (BMAC)
A sales outlet for fine original artwork.

Selling Crafts Made of Recycled Products
Finding a market for your creations.

Selling Scrapbooks
Is selling scrapbooks a viable craft business?

Starting a Craft Business
Tips to a crafter blessed with a unique product and little competition.

Start Your Own Jewelry Business
Tips from expert crafter.

No Market Exists for Handmade Products Made From Kits – by Barbara Brabec
Be original if you want to sell your crafts.

Overcoming Your Fear of The Unknown – by Barbara Brabec
Overcome your fears to become truly successful.

Pricing: What’s Your Time Worth? – By Barbara Brabec
How do you price for your time?

Reconsidering Your Pricing Strategies – A Tip from Barbara Brabec
Revisit your pricing from time to time to make sure it’s current with the market.

How Do I Publish My Craft Ideas
Ways to get your craft ideas published.

Publishing Your Card Designs
How to get your artwork published on Snapfish.

Craft Selling Advice for Beginners
Tips for a new craft business person to consider before starting to sell her product.

Tablescaping – a craft business success story.

Tablescaping Business Advice
Advice from a tablescaping pro on how to get into the business.

Taxes & Accounting Software
Some of the tax benefits of owning a small business, plus recommendations on accounting software to help you claim them.

Taxing Questions
About local taxes and licensing fees. How to buy wholesale.

The Pros and Cons of Selling Crafts Online
How to get started selling online.

Think You Can’t Craft for Profit? Read Melissa’s Story
How Melissa went from hobbyist to a crafter for profit and no runs a successful homecoming mums business.

To be Legal or Not? That is the Question! – by Barbara Brabec
Why it pays to treat your craft business as a real business and not an under-the-table way to make money.

Trade-Offs to Consider when Starting Your Own BusinessTrading Stamped Images: Copyright Violation or Fair Use?
Is trading stamped images with crafting friends a violation of the stamp designer’s copyright? Opinions from the Artful Crafter and the Frugal Crafter.

Turn Your Hobby into a Part Time Craft Business
A way to get into the craft business at your own pace.

Top 10 Free Online Wholesale Resources
In keeping with the maxim “Minimize Your Cost”, some wholesalers to consider.

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Booth Success
How to create a successful jewelry booth.

Wholesale Catalogs
What you need to get wholesale catalogs from the vendors.

Wholesale Resources for Crafters
Places to find low cost materials and supplies for your craft business.

Wholesale Yarn
Some sources of inexpensive yarn.

Wholesale Supply Club for Crafters
Using a subscription website to sell wholesale to crafters.

Work at Home
About work at home scams and some legitimate ventures to consider

Working from Home
Some ideas to handle some of the stress that might arise from working alone at home.

Work at Home Craft Business Tips
Some tips to a new Mom who wants to start a work at home craft business.

Work at Home Jewelry Business
What you need to get a jewelry business started.

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