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Cross Stitch and Embroidery Articles

Cross Stitch and Embroidery are Relaxing Ways to Decorate Fabric

Cross Stitch Set

Cross stitch and embroidery are relaxing ways to express yourself and make idle hands busy. The supplies are affordable and works-in-process can go with you just about anywhere.

Cross stitch and embroidery are age-old crafts. The earliest sampler in existence is about 2000 years old. It is attributed to the Nazca culture of Peru and has seventy-four figures of birds, plants and mythological beings.

In Colonial America, young girls were taught to sew samplers with alphabets and numerals to learn the basic needlework skills needed to operate the family household. This practical craft evolved into an art form depicting  decorative motifs, verses, pastoral, and mourning scenes.

PC Stitch Converts Photos to Cross Stitch Chart
PC Stitch Converts Photos to Cross Stitch Chart

Enter the age of computers and …

  1. Anyone can depict any image they want by loading a digital photo or scan into a computer program. The software converts the image into a pattern and gives you a list of materials required.
  2. You can add just about any design to fabric rapidly and repeatedly with computerized embroidery machines.

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Cross Stitch and Embroidery Articles

Cross Stitching Memories
A brief history of cross stitching and some reasons why it it is a craft worth doing.

Craft Ideas: Embroidery Keepsakes
An embroidery kit that can be dedicated to each child or grandchild.

Cross Stitch and Embroidery Design Software
A review of PC Stitch an easy to use software program which converts any image, including photographs, into a cross stitch or embroidery pattern.

Embroidery Machine Buying Tips
What to look for when buying an embroidery machine.

How to Protect Outdoor Embroidery
How to protect outdoor embroidery from the weather and the sun.

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