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I first came across the use of decals in crafting through a reader’s question. I was so impressed by what I found, I wrote a series of articles about decals, how to make, apply and cure them, both to hard surfaces and fabrics.

Water slide decals are extremely versatile, allowing you to add original artwork to just about any surface. When properly cured, they can be exposed to the elements or washed.

If you haven’t considered adding decals to your craft work, read some of these articles. You might change your mind.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for use the search box or Contact Us to send us your questions.

Come back often since I am continually adding new content to this site.

Water Slide Decal Articles

Baby Footprint Pendant
How to make a one of a kind clay pendant.

Clay Pendants
How to copy professional made clay pendants.

Decaled Bath Set
Dress up bathroom accessories with waterslide decals.

Decal Paper on Metal
How to make decals on metal more durable.

Decaled Soap
Make fancy decorated gift soaps using decals.

Decals for Curved Surfaces
Picking the right sticker or decal that will fit a curved surface.

Decals for Ceramic Firing
Buying and selling specialized decals.

Decal Designs
Tips on finding or creating unique decal designs for your craft projects.

Decoupage versus Decals
Pros and cons of each method.

Food Safe Decals
Are waterslide decals food safe?

Heat Set Decals
How to find and use amazing heat set decals that are dishwasher safe.

How to Bake Laser Toners onto Glass
How to bake laser toners onto glass and to troubleshoot problems.

Lazertran Inkjet Decals on Wood
How to piece together a larger image on decals and how to apply Lazertran decals to wood.

Laser Copiers for Lazertran Decals
Not all laser copiers will work with Lazertran decals – We supply a list of those that will.

Lazertran Waterslide Decals
How to add your artwork to just about anything using these versatile decals.

Lazertran Inkjet Decals Last if Treated Properly
Lazertran Inkjet Decals do not always have the applied look of a transfer sheet. How to avoid that look. Treated properly, decaled images are durable.

Waterslide Decals for Hard Surfaces
Tips on adding decaled designs to metal, glass and ceramics.

Home Curing Waterslide Decals
How to make the decaled surface more durable.

Waterslide Decals on Glass and Ceramics
How to home cure decals on glass, ceramics and metal.

Lazertran Silk
This product allows you to add artwork to fabrics and polymer clay.

Inkjet Decals Cured in Acrylic
Lazertran Inkjet Decals cured in acrylic spray have two advantages over decals home cured the more traditional way: choice of gloss or matte & durability.

Placing Decals on Round Objects
When choosing decals for round objects, the most important thing is to choose the best shape and size decal or sticker.

Popular Clip Art
Using clip art for personal use.

Polymer Clay Peace Pendant
A colorful one of a kind pendant.

Proper Use of Lazertran Waterslide Decals
How to properly use decal paper with a laser printer.

Quick Fuse Photos to Tiles
An easy way to add photos or original artwork to tiles.

Recycle and Make Things Match
Recycle old objects around the house to make them into new trendy accessories.

UV-Resistant Decals on Glass
How to achieve a colorful finish.

Waterslide Decal Egg
Add holiday design to Easter eggs.

Rub-on Decal Egg
Another way to decorate Easter eggs.

Tuscan-Design Patio Tile Plaques
The best ways to create a Tuscan themed tile for outdoor use.

Waterslide Decal Facts
To understand various ways decals can be used, it helps to understand some waterslide decal facts like how they are constructed and how they can be applied.

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