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Decoupage Articles

Instructions, Materials & Tips

pink decoupage box

Decoupage started as a small part of The Artful Crafter website. But, mainly in response to your questions, we have become more involved in the subject.

People are noticing. In addition to the questions we receive about the art, The Artful Crafter was listed as one of the top three decoupage websites in the decoupage forum.

We have covered just about every topic under the sun in these articles, but if there is something you can’t find use the search box or Contact Us to send in your questions.

Come back often since we are continually updating the site.

Decoupage Crafting Index

3D Archival Decoupage
How to Create 3D Archival Decoupage

The Art of Decoupage
The history of this classic art form.

Add 3D Embellishments to Your Decoupage
How to add 3d embellishments to decoupage projects.

Add Elegance to Your Home With Decoupage
Ideas on how to use decoupage in your home decorating.

Advanced Decoupage Projects
Being versatile.

Altered Paint Cans
How to make altered paint cans using decoupage techniques.

Avoid Brush Strokes to Get a Glossy Decoupage Finish
How to avoid brush strokes marring your glossy decoupage finish.

Avoid Decoupage Problems by Choosing Compatible Media
How to determine if media are compatible and suitable for your decoupage project.

Basics of Artfully Gluing and Sealing Images
Tips for a newcomer on how to to decoupage for artfully gluing and sealing images.

Best Decoupage Products
Replacements for tried and true Mod Podge.

Bubbles in Decoupage
Tips to help remove tiny bubbles from decoupage glass plates.

Bubbles on Non-Porous Decoupage Surfaces
Tips for eliminating bubbles when using non-porous surfaces.

Christmas Keepsake Album
A Christmas scrapbook layout using decoupage methods.

Recycle Cool Product Boxes
Recycle cool product boxes to organize and beautify using decoupage techniques.

Copyright Free Images
A list of sites providing copyright free and public domain images.

Crafty Ideas for Decorating Ceiling Fans
Tips on how to decorate ceiling fan blades.

Decoupage a Wall
How to decoupage a wall in manner that makes it easy to remove.

Decorated Decoupage Box
Add 3D clay adornments to a decoupage box.

Decoupage Bathroom Wall Tiles
Decoupage finishes for wet areas.

Decoupage a Bookcase
Some tips on how to decoupage a bookcase using kindergartners’ artwork.

Decoupage Box with Beach Scene
A reminder of sunny vacations.

Decoupage Candles
How to decoupage wax candles.

Decoupage Candle Holders & Napkin Rings
Make candle holders and matching napkin rings with decoupage methods.

Decoupage Cardboard Pendants
Create authentic looking pendants using cardboard.

Decoupage Ceramic Tea Kettle
Ways to decorate a ceramic tea kettle, including decoupage.

Decoupage on Ceramic Tile Techniques
Help with getting decoupage on ceramic tile right.

Decoupage Children’s Furniture
Tips on protecting art and creating a durable finish.

Decoupage Clay Flower Pot
Special Media for Pots That Will Hold Live Plants.

Decoupage on China
How to decoupage an old china lamp.

Decoupage Cloisonné Cross
Create a bejeweled cross out of cardboard and paint.

Decoupage Coasters
How to decoupage photos on drink coasters.

Gold Leaf Decoupage Coasters
How to make colorful gold leaf coasters.

Decoupage Egg
A clever way to decorate Easter eggs.

Decoupage Fabric on Flowerpots
Getting a smooth waterproof finish.

Decoupage Faux Tiles
How to obtain a realistic and durable finish.

Crackle Decoupage Finishes
How to create a crackled wood finish.

Decoupage Finishes for Commercial Use – Part One
Heavy duty decoupage finishes – two part epoxies.

Decoupage Finishes for Commercial Use – Part Two
Heavy duty decoupage finishes – hardwood floor finishes.

Decoupage on Glass
Creating museum quality plates using decoupage.

Decoupage Holiday Designs on Glass and Plastic
How to decoupage plastic or acrylic plates and vases.

Decoupage Glass Vase Organizers
Decoupage glass vase organizers can be put to many uses. Use the cubes as candy dishes or to hold pens and pencils. These were made as desk organizers.

Decoupage Image Transfer
A simple way to transfer images.

Decoupage Lamp
Making an elegant lamp.

Decoupage Medieval Engraved Glazed Tile Cross Pendant
Create a beautiful medieval cross pendant using cardboard.

Decoupage Methods
Advice and methods on how to make a professional decoupage project.

Decoupage Motorcycles
How to decoupage a motorcycle.

Decoupage Over Oil Stain
Products to use to decoupage over oil stained wood.

Decoupage Outdoor Furniture
Tips and techniques for decoupaging a picnic table for outdoor use.

Decoupage Outdoor Picnic Table
Decoupage to withstand the weather.

Decoupage Picture Frame Project
A practical project to preserve childhood memories and artwork.

Decoupage Plastic Cups
Are decoupaged plastic cups safe to use?

Decoupage on MDF vs. Wood
The advantages and disadvantages of using MDF rather than wood for decoupage.

Decoupage an Old Trunk
The proper steps for a good decoupage project.

Decoupage Pastels
How to prepare pastel drawings for decoupage.

Decoupage Patterns
Some inspiration for decoupage wall hangings.

Decoupage Picture Frames
Help making decoupage picture frames more durable.

Decoupage Plant Markers
Create colorful markers for your garden.

Decoupage with Plastic Copyrighted Images
Decoupage a plaque with a plastic tablecloth containing copyrighted images.

Decoupage Photos on Bar
How to adhere and seal photos on a wood bar.

Decoupage Precautions for Exotic Woods and Calligraphy on Rice Paper
No special precautions are needed when using decoupaging exotic woods or paper.

Another Decoupage Problem
Tips for dealing with bleeding, air bubbles and lumping in decoupage projects.

Decoupage a Silhouette on Tile
How to choose the right paper to decoupage a silhouette onto tile.

Decoupage Spice Jar Labels
How to create original labels with a scanner and another way to prevent ink bleed.

How to “Decoupage” Tile Tabletop for Outdoor Use
Special precautions are needed for outdoor decoupage to protect against the sun and weather.

Decoupage Tips for Beginners
Help to get a perfect result.

Decoupage on Teak
Tips on decoupaging teak vases.

Decoupage or Decals
Pros and cons of each method.

Decoupage under Glass Candle Holders
Set A Romantic Mood – How to create decoupage under glass candle holders.

Decoupage Under Glass Using Holiday Theme Paper Napkins
Festive Holiday plates using decoupage.

Decoupage on Varnished Wood
Things to know if you want to add decoupage to already varnished wood.

Decoupage Vintage Plaques
Aging your decoupage project.

Decoupage Wallpaper
Using wallpaper to change a tabletop.

Decoupage a Unique Wedding Memento
How to decoupage a wedding announcement and photo plaque.

Decoupaging a Clawfoot Bathtub
Tips for successfully decoupaging a cast iron claw foot bath tub.

Decoupaging Wooden Chairs
How to adhere pictures to your decoupage project.

Decoupage Worldwide
No matter where you live, decoupage materials are available right at your fingertips.

Durable Decoupage Finishes
Durable finishes for ceramic cups.

Embedding Objects in Table Tops
Tips on embedding and protecting objects in table tops.

EnviroTex Lite Pour-On: The Possibilities!
EnviroTex Lite Pour-On is a 2-part epoxy for large pours & flood coats. Links to ETI directions, project book for table tops & recycled window tutorial.

Fabric Decoupage
Fabric decoupage is easy.

Free Art for Your Decoupage Projects
Where to find free artwork for decoupage.

Gorillas for Decoupage
Where to find gorilla art for your decoupage.

Heat Resistant Decoupage Finishes
Thinking outside of the box.

How to Add an Antique Finish to Decoupage
How to add an antique finish to decoupage by staining the design first.

Humidity Making Decoupage Sticky?
How to handle problems caused by humidity and decoupage medium.

Improved Methods and Materials for Decoupage
Some tips for those who are continuing to have problems with decoupage bubbles.

Improving on Traditional Decoupage Media
Royal Coat is an acid free alternative to Mod Podge as a decoupage medium.

Lazertran Inkjet Decals on Wood
How to piece together a larger image on decals and how to apply Lazertran decals to wood.

Little Free Library Box Decoupage
How to properly decoupage a library box that will left outdoors in a harsh climate.

Media Compatibility for Decoupage
How to determine if the decoupage media you are planning to use are compatible with each other and will not harm the object you are planning to decorate.

‘Mixed Media’ Decoupage
How to mix oil and water media in decoupage.

Mod Podging onto Slippery Plastic
Applying Mod Podge or other decoupage media to slippery plastic can be difficult or impossible. Some tips to help.

No Brush Stroke Decoupage
Methods and machines, including the Xyron, to avoid brush strokes in decoupage.

How to Prevent Ink Bleeding In Decoupage Projects
Tips on how to prevent ink bleeding in decoupage projects.

Outdoor Decoupage Ideas
Materials and methods to seal images on concrete using decoupage.

Paper Tole 3D Decoupage
How to make 3D paper tole decoupage greeting cards.

Peeling Decoupage Finishes
Dealing with peeling and yellowing finishes.

Faux Photo Finish
How to apply a photo to solid objects creating a faux screen print look.

Peeling Decoupage Table: Salvaging a Vintage Work of Art
A vintage peeling decoupage table can’t be restored to original condition. How to stabilize art, camouflage damage & preserve finish to a shabby chic look.

Preparing an Heirloom Steamer Trunk for Decoupage
Steps to take to prepare an old rusted steamer trunk for decoupage and suggested ways to finish the trunk.

Removing Decoupage Mistakes
There’s always a solution with decoupage.

Reverse Decoupage Glass Plate Troubleshooting
Reverse decoupage glass plate questions answered: media to avoid on glass, leveling uneven surface, finishing the rim, protective finish coat options.

Sealing Decoupage Surfaces
Tips on properly sealing decoupage surfaces.

Seal or Not Seal Decoupage Images and Surfaces
The purpose of pre-sealing decoupage images is to prevent ink bleed. If your ink didn’t bleed marring the images, you didn’t need to seal first.

Secret Box Book
How to make a secret hide away.

Texturized Decoupage
What is the method used to add texture to decoupage pieces?

The Rainbow Bridge
A decoupaged tribute to our departed pets.

Tissue and Napkins are Perfect for Decoupage
Gift wrapping papers and tissue napkins work well in decoupage if proper preparation steps are taken.

Too Many Decoupage Layers Make You Cry
Too many layers of decoupage media can cause all sorts of problems.

Transfer Laser Images with Any Polyvinyl Acetate Medium
Pictorial tutorial explaining how to transfer laser images with any polyvinyl acetate medium.

Translucent Decoupaged Candle Holders
Precautions to take to keep candle heat away from decoupaged candle holders.

How to Transfer Laser Images onto Wood Using PVA Medium
A quick and easy method using Mod Podge.

Troubleshooting Crackle Finish Problems
Working with crackle finishes isn’t easy. They don’t work on metallic paints.

Two Things to Consider with Wood Decoupage
How to decoupage vintage labels on wood.

Understand How Various Media Dry to Avoid Unsatisfactory Decoupage Results
You need to understand how various media dry to avoid unsatisfactory decoupage results.

Vintage Look Decoupage
Dressing up a poster.

Wood Finishes for Decoupage
Tips on how to prepare wood surfaces for decoupage, plus a discussion of available finishes.

Can Wood Glue be Used for Image Transfer?
See my experiment and it results.

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