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Wabi-Sabi Digital Scrapbooking Example
“Wabi-Sabi” Digital Scrapbooking Example

Digital scrapbooking and graphics design are growing fields and I’ve gotten hooked on them. There is so much you can do!

I hope you find my designs and tutorials helpful.

Also visit, Computer Crafting for more articles on computer graphics and software, as well as patterns for greeting cards, place cards and much more.

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Digital Graphics Articles

Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part One
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Two
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Three
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Four
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Five
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Six
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Seven
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Eight
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Nine
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Ten
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Eleven
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twelve
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Thirteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Fourteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Fifteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Sixteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Seventeen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Eighteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Nineteen
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty One
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty Two
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty Three
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty Four
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty Five
Digital Scrapbooking Journal, Part Twenty Six

Amazing Digital Card
How to make an amazing digital card that appears to pop.

Artistic Scrapbook Pages
For artistically designed scrapbook pages, all you need is a plan.

Art Journal Design
Terrific digital scrapbook products make art journal pages fun and easy to create.

Backup Your Digital Artwork
How to protect your digital pictures and artwork from a computer crash.

Broderbund Scrapbooking Boutique
An easy to use, versatile program.

‘Cartegena’ Digital Scrapbook Paper
Preserving memories by creating digital scrapbooking paper with loved photos.

Celebrate Card
A digitally designed festive party invitation.

Christmas Tradition Digital Scrapbook Page
Traditional Christmas memories preserved through digital scrapbooking.

Clip Art and Royalty Free Images
Artwork for commercial greeting cards.

Color Scheme Creation
3 popular online applications for choosing a color scheme for those who don’t know the color wheel and color theory or don’t trust their own color sense.

Computer Scrapbooking Beginner’s Guide
My suggestions on how to get started on computer scrapboooking.

Copyrights on Digital Elements
Commercial use of digital elements of Adobe Photoshop.

Copyright Free Images
A list of sites providing copyright free and public domain images.

Create A Digital Patterned Alphabet
How to design your own patterned alphabet.

Create a Travel Journal: How to Preserve Memories
How to create a personalized travel journal and preserve your holiday memories in a scrapbbook like format.

Creative Live has Comprehensive Classes for You
Creative Live offers free classes on scrapbooking, graphics software programs, photography and even craft business.

Digital French Board
How to recreate a french board using digital graphics.

Digital Graphic Wedding Gift
Make a very personalized wedding gift using digital graphic techniques.

A Digital Mothers Day Card
Step-by-step instructions for making your own digital card designs.

Digital Photo Manipulation
Enhancing your photos.

Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments
How to make digital embellishments.

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Part One
Learn how to create and build your own digital scrapbooking elements.

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Part Two
Learn how to create and build your own digital scrapbooking elements.

Digital Thank You Card
Make Thank You cards that fit any occasion using digital designs.

Digital Watermark
Protect your art online.

Digital Window Envelopes
Adding digital designs to envelopes.

Digitally Designed Valentines Day Card
Add WOW to handmade cards using digital styles.

DIY Collapsible Lightbox
How to make a DIY collapsible lightbox from a large sheet of bright white art board & duck tape to achieve clean even lighting that makes a product shine.

Graphic Design for Profit
To create original art, you’ll need the capabilities of a digital design program (like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) rather than a greeting card (etc.) program.

How to Make a Digital Tag
How to create a three dimensional looking tag for your layouts.

Handprint Digital Scrapbooking Journal Page
How to make a unique digital scrapbooking journal page using your own handprint.

How to Make a Monoprint
Monoprint means ‘one print’, but here’s how to get two prints in one.

How to Design Wall Art Using Only Fonts and Color
How to use color and fonts only to design original wall art.

More on Broderbund Scrapbook Boutique
How to upload scrapbook boutique designs to Snapfish.

Photoshop Actions
Using Photoshop actions to enhance your digital artwork.

My First Artist Trading Card
The usual card design principles apply to artist trading cards.

MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software Suite
My Memories scrapbooking software is great for beginner and experienced digital scrapbookers alike.

One Armed Birthday Card
How I made a digitally designed birthday card with one arm in a cast.

Out of Bounds – OOB – Photos
Creating the OOB digital effect.

Photo Collage Software
Easy to use Photo Collage 2.06.

Photoshop Actions
Using Photoshop actions to enhance your digital artwork.

Photoshop Non-Destructive Layers
Illustrates two types of Photoshop non-destructive layers, shape clipping mask layer and curves adjustment layer, plus a convenient way to keep tools handy.

Pocket Folder
How to make a personalized pocket folder using digital graphics and scrapbooking techniques.

Post-It Note Holder
A note holder made with digital scrapbooking techniques.

Quick Page Layouts from Jessica Sprague
Quick and easy digital scrapbooking page layouts.

Red Hat Card
Design and print custom cards.

Restoring Old Photos
Making really old photos look like new.

The Rule of Thirds
Take memorable photos; make memorable scrapbook layouts with the rule of thirds.

Scrapbooking Inspiration
Resources for scrappers.

Scrapbooking Outside the Box
Change a blocky layout to eye-catching by scrapbooking outside the box with design principles. How to make the eye follow the concept you want to convey.

How to Create a Scrapbook Layout Worthy of a Special Even
Things to consider when making a wedding day scrapbooking layout.

Selling Digital Images at the Buyers Market of American Craft (BMAC)
A sales outlet for fine original artwork.

Using Graphics Software to Put the Blue Back in Sky
How to use Photoshop to place a blue sky into a picture.

Visual Journal Techniques
Watercolors, digital photography, glitter stamps and drawing come together in this visual journal page.

Where Do You Find Joy?
Finding joy in crafting.

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