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Potential Conflicts of Interest

In order to maintain a quality website free for all users, The Artful Crafter earns income in several different ways that may be considered a conflict of interest between the managers of the site and the general public.

This article will try to clarify these potential conflicts for you to allow you to make an informed judgment about using the services offered by this site.


One of the ways The Artful Crafter makes money is by selling advertising, as do newspapers and magazines.

There are different types of advertisers:

a) Those that pay based on our traffic statistics. The website is pre-paid for these ads and receives no further income if a visitor clicks on the ads.

b) Google or Chitika ads are displayed by an ad network. This website makes no money unless truly interested shoppers click on one of these ads.

The website makes no money from fraudulent clicking on these ads.

In most cases, the editors and managers of The Artful Crafter do not know which ads are being shown as they vary with time of day and the locaion of the visitor. For example, some ads are only displayed to visitors from the USA.

Affiliate Sales

The Artful Crafter also makes money from affiliate sales. This means that if you click on a link and then buy a product mentioned or recommended in an article, the website receives a commission from the seller.

Specials listed on the site’s pages are also affiliate links.

Prices that the reader pays when using an affiliate link are the same as they would receive by buying directly.

The editors and writers do not recommend products that they have not used, tested or researched themselves. For the most part The Artful Crafter buys these products at normal retail outlets.

From time to time a manufacturer or merchant may send The Artful Crafter unsolicited tools, materials or books for testing or review. In those circumstances, this fact will be revealed in any article that may be written about the product.


The Artful Crafter also links to other sites that we believe to be useful to our readers. It receives no payment for these links other than perhaps a return link.

For further information or clarification, please click on the “Contact” link on the bottom of each page.