Wine Gift Bags Make Hostess Gifts Special

Use Wine Gift Bags to Dress Up Your Christmas Gifts

Wine Gift Bags for the Holidays
Holiday Wine Gift Bags

Gift bags, especially wine gift bags, have been big sellers for me. I make wine gift bags in festive cotton prints with ribbon ties; or in jute with handles crocheted from natural fiber twine (like sisal or hemp) or from strips of leather attached with grommets.

I always sew some doo-dad next to the wine gift bag handle to make the jute wine gift bags unique. For Christmas, I use artificial holly, poinsettias and gilded berries or grapes. For the rest of the year, miniature flowers are nice. I’ve also used little plastic cat charms painted gold to coordinate with gold and brown tiger stripe ribbon.

Metallic sheer organza also makes beautiful wine gift bags. I make these in various sizes and use wired ribbon sewn into a side seam to be artfully arranged by the gift giver when the wine gift bags are used. I square off the bottoms of all my bags to give a more finished look, except for the organza ones. With such beautiful fabric, I like the show it off with a more billowy look.

Here is my pattern for cotton wine gift bags.

Wine Gift Bags Template
Wine Gift Bag Template

2. With right sides facing, pin folded ribbon between the two layers 4″ (10 cm) from the top. Sew ¼” seams on both sides, enclosing the ribbon into one seam and taking care to keep the ribbon’s tails out of the way.

making gift bag corner


3. If you’re making several wine gift bags this size, make a template to speed up squaring the bottoms. Cut a right triangle from a piece of cardboard with these dimensions: 2″ x 1 ½” x 1 ½” (5cm x 4 cm x 4 cm). Mark the center of the long side with an arrow.

To square the bottoms, position the template with the arrow pointing at the seam as shown.

Squaring Wine Gift Bags Bottom

4. Hold the template in place while you sew a 2″ seam as shown in the photo. Repeat for the other side.

5. Fold the top down ½” (1 cm), then another ½” to make a rolled hem. Top stitch the hem.

6. Turn the finished wine gift bag right side out.

Varying this basic pattern, you can make any size gift wine gift bags you like.

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