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Curing, Finishing and Decorating Gourds

Engraved Gourd Purse
Engraved Gourd Purse

Gourds have been used for centuries, both for practical purposes, like eating utensils, and for decoration, such as masks and wall hangings.

In this section you will find articles about curing, finishing and decorating gourds.

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Birdhouse Gourds
How to prepare birdhouse gourds.

Cleaning and Preparing Gourds
Getting gourds ready for finishing.

Curing Gourds
The best ways to cure gourds.

Gourd Decorating Methods
Specific ways to decorate a gourd.

Gourds and Polymer Clay
How to prevent breakage in clay figures over gourds.

Scratch Engraved Gourds
How to decorate green gourds.

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