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Triple Green Mum Designed and Built by Dona of MumRUS

When I lived in the northeast, I never heard of Homecoming Mums. After moving to Texas and hearing from the locals about this famous tradition, I started to write about it.

For those of you not familiar with the phenomenon, homecoming mums are huge corsages made with huge artificial chrysanthemums and oodles of ribbons, ribbon chains, charms, lights, bells, whistles – you name it – hanging down. These sometimes reach a girl’s ankles.

Boys are getting into the act with homecoming garters that also come equipped with long ribbons, ribbon chains, … you get the idea.

For Yankees, we must be doing pretty good. Our extensive coverage of the homecoming mum phenomenon was mentioned in “Yahoo’s The Buzz” blog last fall.

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How to Make Homecoming Mums

All You Need to Know about Homecoming Mums
Help for those new to making homecoming mums.

Assembling Homecoming Mums Without a Glue Gun.
No more burnt fingers!

Diamondback – Candy Cane Weaves
A new weave is born.

Homecoming Mums Embellishments
Add sparkle to homecoming and other craft projects the easy way using Colorco products.

The Homecoming Mums Tradition
How the homecoming mums craze got started.

Homecoming Mum Dilemma
Making one mum in two schools’ colors.

Homecoming Mums Tips
Putting together a classic mum.

Candy Cane Ribbon Weaving Instructions
How to weave a candy ribbon braid.

Diamondback Ribbon Weaving Instructions
How to weave a diamondback ribbon braid.

Diamondback Garland Ribbon Weaving Instructions
How to weave a diamondback garland.

Interlocking Hearts Love Chain
How to weave a love chain for your homecoming mums.

Military Braid
How to weave the military braid.

Spirit Chains
How to weave a spirit chain for your homecoming mums.

Wedding or Homecoming Garter Pattern
Make your own fancy garters with this easy pattern and save money.

Homecoming Mums Supplies and Suppliers

Homecoming Mums Suppliers and Tips
A definitive guide to homecoming mum suppliers and tips on how to get into the business.

Lights for Homecoming Mums
Where to find battery operated lights.

Ten Commandments of Homecoming Mums
Ten Commandments of Homecoming Mums – tips on how to make and wear your mum.

Whatever You Need to Make Your Homecoming Mums
Where to find whatever you need to create homecoming mums.

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