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Jewelry Making & Selling Articles

How to Make & Sell Jewelry

Moonstone and amethyst pendant necklace, 'Aura'

Jewelry making is fun and profitable. Whether using beads or gold and silver wires and charms, they are a great way to start crafting or a crafting business.

However originality is the key with jewelry making. Your jewelry has to be able to stand out from the rest.

Here are our articles on jewelry making and selling. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, use the search box or Contact Us to send us your questions.

Visit us often since we are constantly adding new content.

Jewelry Making Articles

Alcohol Ink Stamped Pendants
How to transform plastic dominoes into colorful jewelry pendants using alcohol ink.

The advantages of using argentium instead of sterling silver in your making jewelry.

Basic Wire Wrapping Tips
Basic wire wrapping and wire sculpting tips. Getting started in jewelry making.

Bead Your Own Sandals
How to dress up old or plain sandals with bead work.

Beading for Fun & Profit: Birthday Beading Parties
Either for business or pleasure, create a birthday party activity the kids will love.

Beachy Souvenir Copper Coin Earrings
How to make summery copper coin earrings – Put old souvenirs to good use.

Button Bracelets
How to design and make button bracelets.

Vintage Pearl Button Charm Bracelet
Using bails to attach pearls to a charm bracelet.

Cameo Jewelry
How to make cameos.

Cameo Molds
A puzzling question about cameos.

Caring for an Antique Ring
Leave the care of an antique ring to professionals.

Charm Bracelet with Resin and Bead Charms
This resin and bead charm bracelet is an intermediate beading and beginner’s resin project with four strands gathered through the cone-shaped end clasps.

Chipboard Heart Bracelet and Earrings
Tutorial on how to make chipboard heart shaped bracelet and earrings – fun jewelry for all occasions.

Cinnabar Chinese Lantern Earrings and Bracelet
How to design and assemble a colorful oriental looking Cinnabar Chinese Lantern Earrings and Bracelet.

Cleaning Gemstones
How to keep your gemstones sparkling.

Cleaning Precious Jewelry
How to keep metal jewelry bright and shining.

Cleaning Up Hidden Treasures
How to clean old pieces to make them sparkle again.

“Costume” Earrings
How to make earring to match your wardrobe.

Craft Foam Jewelry
Easy to make, colorful jewelry.

Crafty Ways to Complete Your Pandora Charm Bracelet
Affordable ways to complete your charm bracelet.

Designing Teenage Jewelry – A Profitable Craft Niche Market
Tips on including teenage designs in your craft jewelry business.

Downton Abbey Inspired Jewelry
How to put together elegant jewelry inspired by the Downton Abbey TV series.

Easy Earrings
Quick, easy to make earrings.

Eggs in Nest Beaded Charm Bracelet and Earrings
Pictorial tutorial on how to make matching ‘eggs in nest’ design beaded charm bracelet and earrings.

Eyeglass Lens Pin
Turn old eyeglasses into pretty pins.

Faceted Gem Stone Pendant Pattern
A free pattern for a attractive gem stone pendant necklace.

Faux Pearl Bracelets
Pearls are the Perfect accessory – How to Make 3 classic bracelets in 30 minutes.

Fiber Bracelet
How to make colorful bracelets.

Repairing Fire Damaged Jewelry
Tips on how to repair and upgrade old, fire damaged jewelry.

Fiber Necklaces and Bracelets
How to finish off these pieces of jewelry.

Folies Earrings Directions
How to make original earrings using your computer.

Frame Earring Holder
A way to display your earrings while keeping them available.

Gem Hardness
How to use the Mohs Scale to determine gem hardness.

Heart Shaped Jewelry Holder Pattern
Directions for a no-sewing, padded jewelry holder.

Hidden Treasure
Salvage old parts to create new hidden treasures.

Hosting a Beading Party
Tips on holding a successful beading party.

How to Replace a Lost Earring
How to replace a lost earring with leftover parts.

Jewelry Makeover – Making Different Pieces into a Matching Set
How to take different pieces of jewelry and make them into a matching set.

How to Repair Costume Jewelry
How to repair or renew your jewelry.

Jewelry Repairs
Expand your craft business by doing repairs.

Make Your Jewelry Sell
Instructions and tips on making unusual jewelry as well marketing it properly.

Makeover a Scratchy Necklace
How to rebuild a necklace so it no longer scratches the skin.

Memory Wire Beaded Bracelets
Easy, fun to make beaded bracelets.

Milagro Bracelets
Use charms to make “miracle” bracelets.

Mini-Mannequin Jewelry Holder
A one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift.

Mirrored Wall Cabinet Jewelry Holder
A decorative wall hanging that doubles as a jewelry holder.

Mistakes Jewelry Crafters Make
How to make more desirable jewelry.

M.O.M.s Necklace in Memory of Your Moms
I made a necklace combining bits of jewelry left to me by my two Moms.

Mother of Pearl Necklace and Earring Set
How to make a mother of pearl necklace and earring set with your own collected sea shells.

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
Make your own fine jewelry.

Quilled Earrings
A new and practical quilled paper project.

Recycle an Old Belt into a Necklace
How to remake an old accessory into something new and fresh.

Re-purpose Items into Beautiful Jewelry
How to make beautiful jewelry out of unused pieces you might have.

Resin Heart Pendant: Faux Rose Quartz
How to make a resin heart pendant for your Valentine. EasyCast Resin, Jacquard silk colors, pearl acrylic paint and flakes of Mylar create faux rose quartz.

Resin Pendant Party Kit
Art Night Out resin pendant party kits can be found online at discount, but you won’t have a registered instructor to guide you. Things to know to DIY.

Setting Cameos
The best ways of securing cameos to your jewelry settings.

Special Needs Jewelry
Customize your jewelry to your customers needs.

Tammy Powley Earrings
Extra touches in a designer earring kit.

Three Beaded Bracelet Designs
Three original beaded bracelet designs and how-to-make tutorials.

Two Generations of Hope Bracelet
This chain maille bracelet, started by my mother over 50 years ago, represents two generations of hope.

Wire Sculpture Elegance
How to create simple, but elegant, wire sculpture designs.

Wire Sculpture Birthstone Variations
Learn how easy it is to design and construct wire sculpture jewelry.

Eileen’s Wire Sculpture Gallery
Photos of my favorite wire sculpture pieces.

Wire Sculpted “Vintage” Jewelry
Old and new come together. Old stones in new settings.

Wire Sculpture Tips
Tips to help you get started in wire sculpture.

Wire Wrapping a Heart Pendant
Wire wrapping a pendant depends on every element of the process – from the dimensions and shape of the heart pendant you use to the qualities of the wire.

Work at Home Jewelry Business
What you need to get a jewelry business started.

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