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Kids Crafts for Christmas

Easy Angel & Snowman Ornaments

stick angel

There are plenty of holiday and seasonal ornaments you can make with few supplies and a little creativity. Here are some to get you started, but be forewarned! Once you begin, you may not be able to stop!

Craft Stick Angel

Stick Angel Materials

  • Craft stick or tongue depressor
  • corrugated cardboard
  • white felt
  • cream or light yellow felt
  • beige or light yellow yarn
  • gold cord
  • small rope or raffia
  • 2 small round buttons, any color
  • small scrap of material, trimmed with pinking shears
  • black fine tip marker

Stick Angel Assembly Instructions

Cut 2 dresses out from the white felt. The dresses do not need to be perfect, just a simple drawing of shoulders, arms and a body.

Lay both pieces of felt on top of each other on work surface so that they match exactly.

Flip one piece over, as if opening like a book. Glue craft stick onto the bottom dress felt so that a small amount of the stick hangs over the bottom of the dress, and a larger portion sticks out above the neckline.

Onto the cuffs, glue cream colored felt circles on as hands so that half of the circle is on the white felt, the other half is hanging over.

Fold top piece of felt back over (as if closing a book) the bottom half, sandwiching the craft stick between the two dress cutouts.

Glue the top piece of felt to the bottom piece.

Turn body over, lay it face down on the work surface.

Glue cardboard wings, corrugated side facing the work surface, onto the upper area of the bodice, covering shoulders and halfway up the top of the craft stick.

Make a loop from gold cord and glue to the back of the head.

Turn ornament over and place face up onto the work surface.

Glue some yarn on top of angel’s head, you can fray it a bit with a comb first, if you like.

Tie a small bow from rope or raffia and glue to collar area.

Glue on buttons and fabric scrap as pictured.

Add eyes, nose, and mouth with a fine tipped black marker.

Add faux stitching around the edges of the dress with a fine tip marker.

Nature’s Angels

pine cone angel

Nature’s Angel Materials

  • pine cones
  • acorns
  • boll from a cotton plant, or other flat, sturdy plantlife
  • craft paint
  • ribbon
  • clear coat sealer

Nature’s Angels Assembly Instructions

pine cone angel - version two

Hot glue acorn to top of pine cone.

Glue cotton boll to the back of the pine cone.

Paint on eyes, nose and mouth onto front of the acorn.

Glue a small ribbon bow to the front at the neckline and a loop of ribbon to the back of the pine cone for hanging.

Ice Cream Stick Snowman

ice cream stick snowman


Ice Cream Stick Snowman Materials

  • large hour glass shaped ice cream or craft stick
  • white acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • orange toothpick
  • black toothpick
  • black yarn or cord
  • scrap of material for scarf
  • black fine point marker

Snowman Assembly Instructions

Paint craft stick white on both sides and let dry.

Paint top of craft stick black for the hat.

Glue black toothpick in place just below the bottom of the black hat you just painted. The toothpick becomes the hat brim, so line it up carefully.

Glue cord or yarn in a loop to the back of the craft stick.

Tie scrap of material around neck as scarf. Glue in place to keep it from sliding off.

Using black marker, draw on eyes, mouth and belly buttons.

Glue half of an orange toothpick in place for the nose.

Paint Stirrer Snowman

paint stirrer snowman

Paint Stirrer Snowman Materials

  • Paint stir stick
  • small craft or ice cream stick
  • white & black acrylic paint
  • orange toothpick
  • scrap material for scarf
  • black fine tip marker
  • green embroidery floss
  • gold cord
  • light pink acrylic paint

Paint Stirrer Snowman Instructions

Paint the stir stick white.

Paint the handle end of the stick black.

Paint the ice cream stick black, let dry.

Glue ice cream stick across from of paint stirrer, this will act as the hat brim.

Tie fabric scrap around neck as the scarf.

Make a loop and glue gold cord to the back of the head.

Draw on eyes, nose and mouth, as well as belly buttons.

Add rosy cheeks with slight touches of pink paint.

Glue toothpick in place for nose.

Tie floss into a small bow and attach to the front of the hot with hot glue.

Very special thanks go to author and editor Ann McKane for sharing these wonderful holiday craft ideas!

Amanda Formaro, President Magazine, Inc.

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