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Craft Letters

craft supplies

More Tips and Ideas

I love to receive your letters containing your crafting questions. It helps me know if I’m going in the right direction and what I’ve missed or not explained well enough.

Here you will find a sampling of the letters I have received and the answers I have given.

In the answers, you will find a wealth of new craft ideas, tips, methods and advice. I try to give the latest advice, be it on craft related issues or business ones.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or just want to say “Hi”, Contact Us.

On this page, you will find your questions and answers on craft related issues. Here are my answers to Craft Business Related Questions.

I given each letter a title and put it into a broad category so you can figure out what its about. Click on any one of them to be taken directly to the letter.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Bead Boards
An indispensable beading tool.

How to Avoid Lead Components for Children’s Beading Parties
How to shop to avoid lead components for children’s beading parties.

Candles & Candle Holders

Kudzu Candles and Crafts
Uses for Kudzu – The Plant That Ate the South.

Tole Painted Candle Holders
Ways to decorate tin can candle holders.


Paulette Gasser
Information on the works of Paulette Gasser, ceramist.


Uniquely You Christmas Ornaments
The best ways to personalize Christmas ornaments.

Clay & Glazes

Clay Pendants
How to copy professional made clay pendants.

Clay Wind Chimes
A craft project for seniors.

Does Yeast Harden Clay?
Does yeast do anything to clay?

Flattening Clay Tiles
Tips on how to keep clay tiles flat as they dry.

Homemade Polymer Clay Recipe Tips
Tips on mixing your own polymer clay.

How to Transfer Tiny Hand and Foot Prints to Your Art
How to transfer images to clay art.

Making Polymer Clay Food Safe
Tips on safely using polymer clay on food items.

Makers Mark Stamps
Adding the professional touch to your clay work.

Non-Toxic Glazes
Safe to use polymer glazes.

Polymer Clay Castle
Using plastic sheeting to create castle walls and floors.

Polymer Clay Cracking
Proper design and curing may prevent cracking in finished pieces.

Polymer Clay Storage
How to store polymer clay.

Pottery Coffee Mug
How to get started making pottery. Also food safe glazes.

Process of Making Cameos
How to get a custom cameo made for you.

Recipe for Microwave Polymer Clay
Polymer clay must be heated for the ingredients to polymerize – salt clay does not have to be cooked. Recipes for each.

Sculpey Safety
Could Liquid Sculpey set a toaster oven on fire?

Turn a Flea Market Find into a Lamp Base
Tips on covering embossing on an old vase found at a flea market.

Winemaking Safety and Ingredient Tips
Making porous clay pots safe for winemaking.


Collage on a Wall
How to place a collage on a wall.

How to Preserve Vintage Newsprint for Collage
How to preserve vintage newsprint for collage – old acidic paper requires special care.

Memory Boxes
Do-it-yourself memory boxes.

Mounting Collage
Methods to sturdily mount a collage.


A Copyright Question
Greeting Card software publishers prohibit the commercial use of their artwork.

Another Copyright Question
More issues with copyright law.

Art Stamp Copyrights
Are art stamps copyrighted?

Copyrights on Digital Elements
Commercial use of digital elements of Adobe Photoshop.

Popular Clip Art
Using clip art for personal use.

Repurposed Art
The legality of using others art work in products you intend to sell.

Craft Apprentice

How Can I Become a Craft Apprentice
Ways to find craft apprenticeships.

Craft Supplies

Bamboo Slats
Searching for bamboo slats and how to cut your own.

Choosing Greeting Card Stock
Picking the right size paper and envelopes.

Free Craft Supplies for Testing
Is this legitimate?

Heat Resistant Coatings
Where to look for heat resistant coatings for beaded trivets and other crafts.

Heat Resistance for Crafts
How to pick and apply a heat resistant finish for coasters and other craft projects.

Selling Large Lots of Craft Supplies
Ideas on how to dispose of a large amount of craft supplies after the death of the crafter.


Crochet for Lefties
Teaching lefties how to crochet.

Crochet Star
Finding or creating crochet patterns.

How to Protect Outdoor Embroidery
How to protect outdoor embroidery from the weather and the sun.


Decals for Ceramic Firing
Buying and selling specialized decals.

Decals for Curved Surfaces
Picking the right sticker or decal that will fit a curved surface.

Food Safe Decals
Are waterslide decals food safe?


3D Archival Decoupage
How to Create 3D Archival Decoupage

Altered Paint Cans
How to make altered paint cans using decoupage techniques.

Avoid Decoupage Problems by Choosing Compatible Media
How to determine if media are compatible and suitable for your decoupage project.

Basics of Artfully Gluing and Sealing Images
Tips for a newcomer on how to decoupage and for artfully gluing and sealing images.

Best Decoupage Products
Replacements for tried and true Mod Podge.

Bubbles on Non-Porous Decoupage Surfaces
Tips for eliminating bubbles when using non-porous surfaces.

Decoupage Bathroom Wall Tiles
Decoupage finishes for wet areas.

Decoupage a Bookcase
Some tips on how to decoupage a bookcase using kindergartners’ artwork.

Decoupage Ceramic Tea Kettle
Ways to decorate a ceramic tea kettle, including decoupage.

Decoupage on Ceramic Tile Techniques
Help with getting decoupage on ceramic tile right.

Decoupage Children’s Furniture
Tips on protecting art and creating a durable finish.

Decoupage Clay Flower Pot
Special Media for Pots That Will Hold Live Plants.

Decoupage on China
How to decoupage an old china lamp.

Decoupage Coasters
How to decoupage photos on drink coasters.

Decoupage Fabric on Flowerpots
Getting a smooth waterproof finish.

Decoupage Finishes for Commercial Use
Heavy duty decoupage finishes.

Decoupage on Glass
Creating museum quality plates using decoupage.

Decoupage Image Transfer
A simple way to transfer images.

Decoupage Photos on Bar
How to adhere and seal photos on a wood bar.

Decoupage Picture Frame Project
A practical project to preserve childhood memories and artwork.

Durable Decoupage Finishes
Durable finishes for ceramic cups.

Fabric Decoupage
Fabric decoupage is easy.

Free Art for Decoupage Projects
Where to find free artwork for decoupage.

Gorillas for Decoupage
Where to find art for your decoupage.

How to Add an Antique Finish to Decoupage
How to add an antique finish to decoupage by staining the design first.

How to Prevent Ink Bleeding In Decoupage Projects
Tips on how to prevent ink bleeding in decoupage projects.

Is Liquitex Waterproof?
Liquitex should be waterproof, but it can react with other materials, so it is important to do a test first when using new or different materials.

Decoupage over Oil Stain
Products to use to decoupage over oil stained wood.

Decoupage Motorcycles
How to decoupage a motorcycle.

Decoupage an Old Trunk
The proper steps for a good decoupage project.

Decoupage Outdoor Picnic Table
Decoupage to withstand the weather.

Decoupage Pastels
How to prepare pastel drawings for decoupage.

Decoupage Picture Frames
Help making decoupage picture frames more durable.

Decoupage Plastic Cups
Are decoupaged plastic cups safe to use?

Another Decoupage Problem
Tips for dealing with bleeding, air bubbles and lumping in decoupage projects.

Decoupage a Silhouette on Tile
How to choose the right paper to decoupage a silhouette onto tile.

Decoupage Tips for Beginners
Help to get a perfect result.

Decoupage Teak Vases
Tips on decoupaging teak vases.

Decoupage on Varnished Wood
Things to know if you want to add decoupage to already varnished wood.

Decoupage versus Decals
Pros and cons of each method.

Decoupage Wallpaper
Using wallpaper to change a tabletop.

Decoupage a Unique Wedding Memento
How to decoupage a wedding announcement and photo plaque.

Decoupaging Wooden Chairs
How to adhere pictures to your decoupage project.

Embedding Objects in Table Tops
Tips on embedding and protecting objects in table tops.

Heat Resistant Decoupage Finishes
Thinking outside of the box.

Logo on Glass
How to protect logos from water and handling.

“Mixed Media” Decoupage
How to mix oil and water media in decoupage.

No Brush Stroke Decoupage
Methods and machines, including the Xyron, to avoid brush strokes in decoupage.

Peeling Decoupage Finishes
Dealing with peeling and yellowing finishes.

Texturized Decoupage
What is the method used to add texture to decoupage pieces?

Tile Look Wall Mural
Using decoupage to create a wall mural look.

The Rainbow Bridge
A decoupaged tribute to our departed pets.

How to Transfer Laser Images onto Wood Using PVA Medium
A quick and easy method using Mod Podge.

Understand How Various Media Dry to Avoid Unsatisfactory Decoupage Results
You need to understand how various media dry to avoid unsatisfactory decoupage results.

Vintage Look Decoupage
Dressing up a poster.


Craft Ideas: Embroidery Keepsakes
An embroidery kit that can be dedicated to each child or grandchild.

Plastic Film

Film Fun
Looking for liquid plastic films.


Glue – A Sticky Question
What glue to use to adhere metal soda cans to wood for a collage.

Slow Drying Glues
Tips on picking slow drying glues.


Birdhouse Gourds
How to prepare birdhouse gourds.

Curing Gourds
The best ways to cure gourds.


Vitreous Glass
The meaning and use of vitreous glass.

Greeting Cards, Printing & Computer Crafts

Changing Graphics Formats
One way to switch to a graphics format unsupported by your program.

Craft Ideas: How to Make an Artist Calendar
How to create a calendar using your personal art.

Clip Art and Royalty Free Images
Artwork for commercial greeting cards.

Adding Your Designs to Glass
Methods for permanently adding designs to glass.

Finding and Making Specialized Decals
Finding designs and printing decals for model airplanes.

How to Make a Digital Tag
How to create a three dimensional looking tag for your layouts.

Dye Sublimation Inks
Why dye sublimation inks are so expensive and where you can buy them cheaper, at least for now.

Using Dye Sublimation for Commercial Clothing Manufacture
How clothing manufacturers can decorate their products using dye sublimation.

Graphics Formats
Graphics formats for animated greeting cards.

Hand Drawn Cards
Transferring your drawings onto greeting cards.

Can You Use Photoshop to Create Greeting Cards
Is Photoshop the best greeting card software program?

Labels for Graphite Fishing Rods
Is there a way to apply labels to graphite rods?

Make Your Own Puzzles
Image transfer methods for pre-made puzzles.

More on Broderbund Scrapbook Boutique
How to upload scrapbook boutique designs to Snapfish.

Photo Collage Software
Easy to use Photo Collage 2.06.

Pop-Up Place Cards
Place cards for any occasion.

Print to Edge
Print to edge tradeoffs.

Photoshop Elements
For digital card making, nothing beats Photoshop – whether Photoshop Elements or Creative Suite.

Printing High Quality Greeting Cards
How to get the most out of PrintShop.

Printing Tips for Print Shop
Tips for printing greeting cards using Print Shop.

Printing Greeting Cards
More tips on how to get the most out of your greeting card program.

Using Print Shop to Enhance Original Artwork
How to use Print Shop to manipulate your artwork.

Professional Graphics Programs
Graphics programs for professional users.

Wedding Invitations
Composing elegant wedding invitations in MS Word.

Homecoming Mums

All You Need to Know about Homecoming Mums
Help for those new to making homecoming mums.

Assembling Homecoming Mums Without a Glue Gun.
No more burnt fingers!

Homecoming Mums Embellishments
Add sparkle to homecoming and other craft projects the easy way using Colorco products.

Homecoming Mum Dilemma
Making one mum in two schools’ colors.

Homecoming Mums Tips
Putting together a classic mum.

Lights for Homecoming Mums
Where to find lights for homecoming mums.

Whatever You Need to Make Your Homecoming Mums
Where to find whatever you need to create homecoming mums.


Caring for an Antique Ring
Leave the care of an antique ring to professionals.

Fiber Necklaces and Bracelets
How to finish off these pieces of jewelry.

Hosting a Beading Party
Tips on holding a successful beading party.

Multi-Stand Necklaces
Fastening ends of multi-strand necklaces.

Vintage Pearl Button Charm Bracelet
Using bails to attach pearls to a charm bracelet.

Cameo Jewelry
How to make cameos.

Cameo Molds
A puzzling question about cameos.

Setting Cameos
The best ways of securing cameos to your jewelry settings.


Landscaping Around an Old Safe
Landscaping tips from The Artful Crafter?


Designing Shoes
How to get a prototype for self-designed shoes made.

Is Cowhide the Only Leather That Can Be Tooled?
Alternatives to cowhide for tooling.

Shoe Making
How to get started shoe making.

Kids & Teens

Craft Ideas: Kids Crafts and Handprints
Some ideas for children’s keepsake crafts.

Mason Jar Lamps

Mason Jar Lampshades
Where to find mason jar lampshades.

Choosing the Right Size Lampshades
Picking the right sized lampshade for your mason jar lamp.

Wiring Mason Jar Lamps
How to wire mason jar – or any other type – lamp.

Metal Crafts

Metal Crafts
Learn metal craft skills to make custom tin mail boxes.

Misc. Craft Questions

3-D Letters
Ways to make your own 3-D letters.

Book Crafts
The right glue to bind the pages of a book together.

Copper Embossing
Adding the finishing touched to embossed copper.

Covering Boxes
Finding paper big enough to cover boxes.

Craft Idea Book
Use a craft idea book to organize your craft projects.

Craft Ideas for Miniature Wooden Shutters
Some tips on how to incorporate miniature shutters into craft projects.

Decorating an Outdoorsy Room
Ideas for giving a room an outdoors theme.

Decorating with Letters
How to align letters properly when using them for home decorations.

Finishing a Toy Box
Safely painting a child’s toy box.

Gemstone Floor
Caring for a gemstone floor.

High Heel Shoe Making
Finding the right supplies.

Applying Kleer Kote
Getting a smooth finish when using Kleer Kote.

Lotion Bar Recipe
Recipe for a rich lotion bar.

Makeit | Bakit
Uses for old Makit and Bakit crystals.

New Life for Old Molds
A Liquid Plastic Product to use with old Popeil and other types of molds.

Oil Paint over Mod Podge Collage
Are oil paint and Mod Podge compatible.

Oil Pastels
Use oil pastels to achieve layer effects in your artwork.

Painted Poster
How to make a poster look like an oil painting.

Popsicle Stick Bridges
How can you reinforce a popsicle stick bridge?

Retiree Crafts
Making crafts that appeal to seniors.

Shape Cutters for Thick Projects
The best option for cutting shapes through multiple layers at once.

Hand Decorated Switch Plates
Some ideas and tips on making hand decorated switch plates.

Transfer Photo to Wood
You can transfer any photo to wood using gel medium – tips to avoid problems.

Two Methods to Repair Cracked Ceramic
A low tech and a high tech way to repair a leaky teapot.

Uses for Upholstery Samples
Some ways to use old upholstery sample books.

Craft Ideas for Wood Slats
Uses for left over wood slats.

Working with a Boa
Some ideas for attaching a boa to gloves.

Organize Your Crafts

Craft Room Design
How to put together an great space for crafting.

Paper Crafts

Paper Pricking
Paper pricking tips.

Party Planning

Bridal Shower Ideas
Tips on how to create a unique bridal shower.

Handmade Glass Wedding Favors
How to decorate your own glass wedding favors.

How to Apply Fancy Numerals to Handmade Place Cards
How to add fancy numerals to wedding place cards.

Ribbon Crafts

Bias Tape Weaving
Where to find bias tape projects and patterns.


Tips on Starting a Scrapbooking Business
Some ideas on how to turn a scrapbooking hobby into a business.


Blind Hemming Silk
Tips to get the best results.

Lace Coaster Stabilizers
Ways to stabilize lace coasters.

Large Tablecloths
Adjusting the length of large tablecloths.

How to Dart a Shirt
Sewing tips.

What Do Needle Gauge Numbers Mean?
Interpreting needle gauge.

No Pattern Sewing
How to sew a pair of pants without a pattern.

Sew Perfect Mitered Strips
How to sew perfect mitered strips.

Sewing Angles and Curves
Tips on getting tricky pieces sewn correctly.

Sewing Machine Adjustments
How to adjust your sewing machine for optimum results.

Sewing Tips: What to Do with Old Thread
The right thread to buy and how to preserve it.

Sewing Velvet
How to get a perfect finish when sewing velvet.

Wine Bag Assembly
Tips for easily sewing a wine bag.


Wedding Stencils
Where to find stencils suitable for handmade wedding invitations.

ShapeBoss Stencils
How to use stencils with Fiskar’s ShapeBoss.


Adjusting Sundials
How to make your sundial as accurate as possible.

Wall Covering

Custom Wallpaper
Tips on how to make custom wallpaper borders.

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper
You might find what you need online.

Hanging Cloth Strips on Walls
Tips on lining up and applying cloth strips as wall decorations.

How to Hang a Blanket
Tips for hanging a blanket on a wall.

Patching Holes in Wallpaper
How to reproduce wallpaper to repair a hole.

Holiday Crafts


Christmas Bookmark Pattern
An easy CreataCard project for a kindergarten class looking to make Christmas gifts for their parents.

Christmas Cotton Angel Instructions
How to make a cotton boll Christmas angel.

Non-Traditional Christmas Decorations
Using old radiators as Christmas decorations.

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