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The term “paper crafts” covers a wide field, from origami to scrapbooking to card making and more. Here I have combined articles that didn’t seem to fit other categories. You will find patterns for place cards, greeting card tips, and articles about paper making, origami or paper folding, quilling, paper pricking and more.

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Paper Craft Articles

3-D Botanical Print Note Cards
How to create a 3-d effect when making note cards.

3D Heartily Hybrid Card
How to make a multipurpose 3D gate fold card from a template.

3D Heartily Hybrid Card Goes Postal
Adapting three-dimensional cards to send through the postal system.

30 Minute Handmade Card
Make a unique handmade card using materials you already have on hand.

4th of July Stamped Card
How to make a old time patriotic card for the 4th of July.

Acrylic Paint Stamping Technique
Pigment inks are the most common media for art stamping, but there are others. Acrylic paint stamping demonstration, examples, advantages & disadvantages.

Advanced Card Making Tips
How to streamline the process of making the Open Door invitation card.

Alcohol Ink Mixed Media Background Technique
A mixed media background technique using alcohol inks and compressed air.

Altered CD Envelopes
Dress up the lowly CD envelope by adding digital artwork – with a Valentine’s Day Theme.

Any Occasion Low Cost Gift Ideas
When you have a bunch of gifts to hand out and don’t want to break the bank, think of something clever, funny, or thoughtful which will fit in a handmade envelope.

Any Occasion Stand Up Card
How to make a stand up card that can be lifted out to reveal a hidden message.

The Art of Quillery
A brief look at the almost forgotten craft of paper filigree.

Art Swapping: My Post Card Art is in the Mail
I finally finished some post card art and now don’t want t let them go.

Artist Trading Cards
Pushing the artistic comfort zone by quick creation of artist trading cards (atcs).

Artist Trading Card Swaps
Artist Trading Card Swaps (ATC) create challenge and inspiration, allowing you to meet new creative people and get something exciting in the mail.

Another Artist Trading Card Swap
Reviewing my package of seven new artist trading cards (ATC’s).

Blooming Paper Handmade Cards
How to make lovely paper that blooms into flowers to use in your handmade cards.

Bound Vellum Notebook
A Zutter Bind-It-All tutorial.

Bulk Invitations
Making party invitations in bulk.

Butterfly Spring Card Design
Illustrated directions for a bright cheery butterfly spring card to brighten someone’s day. In place of “hello”, many other greetings suit this card.

Calendar Creator Express
An easy way to make unique calendars.

Card Care Connection
How to make hand crafted card projects for your own use or for charity.

Card Technique: Two St. Pat’s Day Shamrock Cards
Shamrock card technique and two card designs with directions. Use green paper for shamrocks or four leaf clovers. Use pastel paper for simple leaf flowers.

Card With Combined Craft Techniques
How many craft techniques can you use in making one greeting card? I used six.

Choosing Greeting Card Stock
Picking the right size paper and envelopes.

Coffee Filter Paper Roses
How to make large colorful paper roses.

Coloring Book Pages
Make your own coloring books using greeting card software.

Country Look Gatefold Card
Step by step instructions for making a Country Look gatefold card.

Crafty Coordinated Card and Envelope
How to make a unique card and envelope set the easy way with the Crafter’s Companion Ultimate.

Coordinated Gift Bag and Card
Use your computer to make a bag and card that will wow the birthday gal.

Create Stencils from Die Cut Cards
Create stencils from die cutout cards or similar items. Use stencils over and over to stencil cards and other artwork. Sample card using handmade stencil.

Creating Creative Postcards
Customize your postcards to make them more creative and entertaining.

Crepe Paper Magnolias
Crepe paper magnolias modeled after flowers designed by Lia Griffith. Illustrated directions and more about Lia and her designs.

Customized Envelopes
You can create any size envelopes with the Crafter’s Companion Tool.

Customized Handmade Cards
How to design and create a handmade card that conveys exactly what you want to say.

Deb Made me Do it: Mixed Media Postcard Art
Designing mixed media post card art without a computer.

Decorate Recycled Envelopes to Match Handmade Cards
If you have been saving old, good quality envelopes, you can decorate them to match your handmade cards.

Decorative Book Covers
How to design and make unique book covers.

Della Robia Wine Glass Collars
A colorful way to identify wine glasses at a party. It also makes a nice place setting.

Die Cut Window Card
How to make a die cut window card – Crafty tricks and mixed media ideas.

Digital Graphic Wedding Gift
Make a very personalized wedding gift using digital graphic techniques.

Digital Window Envelopes
Adding digital designs to envelopes.

Digitally Designed Valentines Day Card
Add WOW to handmade cards using digital styles.

Doodling Around
A Fun Way to Pass the Time

Doodle CD Case Calendar
How to make a doodle CD case calendar using a free download and Photoshop.

Easter Cards
Simple to make, Easter-themed cards.

Easter Egg Seed Cards
How to make Easter Egg seed cards – each one comes with a spring surprise inside.

Easy Money Holder Card
Cash is always a welcome gift – personalize it with a pretty handmade folder.

Easy Party Craft Ideas
Two quick and easy party planning ideas.

Elegant Paper Flowers
How to make fancy paper flower blossoms.

Envelope Book Tutorial
For small treasures and clutter.

Fall Leaves Handmade Card Pattern
A beautiful autumn themed greeting card.

Father’s Day Pocket Album Card
A cool interactive Father’s Day album that lifts out of the pocket of the card for viewing.

Five Christmas Card Ideas to Delight the Senses
Five unique ways to make your Christmas cards special this year.

Flower Fairies
Recycle paper flowers into these cute fairies.

Flower Pop Up Card
Tutorial on how to make a flower pop up card, a great handmade card for Mom.

Fluttering Monarch Butterfly
How to make a fluttering monarch butterfly that flies out to meet card recipient.

Foolproof Way to Make a Gate Fold Card
If you have trouble getting the cover design to line up perfectly on a gate fold card, create the cover design separately from the card.

Gift-Matching Hybrid Cards
How to make hybrid cards to match your gifts.

Good Morning Starshine Card
This Good Morning Starshine Card was designed in silhouette studio. Designing Silhouette Studio is easy. Here are directions for this card and a few tips.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes
Illustrated instructions to make cute gift boxes from old – or new – greetings cards.

Gift-Matching Hybrid Cards
How to make hybrid cards to match your gifts.

Hand Made Birthday Card, Gift Wrapping and Tag
How to make a co-ordinated hand made birthday card, gift wrapping and tag using Page Maps University.

Hand Made Cards on the Fly
Ideas for quick and easy hand made greeting cards.

Hand Made Wedding Card Pattern
Make a unique wedding card using rubber stamps.

Happy 4th Wreath: Stars & Stripes 4Ever
Make a star spangled Happy 4th wreath from paper. 3D stars in red, white & blue make this 4th of July wreath lightweight and easy to assemble with glue.

Hatching Bunny 3D Decoupage Card
How to make a cute Easter card using decoupage techniques.

Heart Garland
How to make a heart garland to show your love on Mothers or Valentines Day.

Heart-Themed Valentines Card
How to make a heart-themed card for Valentine’s or anytime you want to let someone special know you care.

Homemade Ink Blending Tool
Homemade ink blending tool with foam blending pad is ergonomic and costs pennies to make. Directions to make and use an ink blending tool with pigment inks.

How to Apply Fancy Numerals to Handmade Place Cards
How to add fancy numerals to wedding place cards.

How to Create Art Cards Using Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Crafting Tool and the Xyron Creatopia
How to use two new craft tools.

How to Heat Emboss Using Inkjet Printers
How to use your inkjet to create fancy heat embossed images.

How to Make a Giant Check
Ideal for special presentations.

How to Make Mucilage Envelope Glue
How to make your own mucilage envelope glue to seal your custom made cards.

How to Preserve Vintage Newsprint for Collage
How to preserve vintage newsprint for collage – old acidic paper requires special care.

How to Use a Beautiful Old Binding to Cover a New Book
Instructions on How I recovered my new book with old binding.

Glossy Greeting Cards
How to get a glossy finish on your greeting cards.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes
Illustrated instructions to make cute gift boxes from old – or new – greetings cards.

Greeting Card Folding Techniques
How to get professional results when folding greeting cards.

How to Make a Digital Tag
How to create a three dimensional looking tag for your layouts.

How to Transfer an Image to Fabric
How to image transfer to fabric using inkjet transparencies and gel medium.

I Heart Stationery
Review of I Heart Stationery – Lovers of paper crafts will love Charlotte Rivers’ new book.

Independence Day Party Wrapper
Templates for USA and Canadian Independence Day party wrappers.

Iris Folded Card
Iris folded card paper craft designs resemble the iris of a camera or eye as the iris opens and closes.

It’s Raining Art!
Post card art is just raining down around me.

‘Just a Note’ Card Making Tutorial
‘Just a Note’ Card Making Tutorial – How to design and print customized note cards.

Laminated Tasseled Bookmarks
How to make original bookmarks.

Large Envelopes
How to make large handmade envelopes for large handmade cards.

Magazine Page Boxes
Recycle magazine pages into colorful boxes.

Make Your Own Puzzles
Image transfer methods for pre-made puzzles.

Matching Gift Boxes
How to create a gift box to coordinate with the gift card or even the gift itself.

Menu with Cord
How to make an elegant menu for a fancy dinner party.

Metallic Gleam Paper Magnolia How-To
Create a metallic gleam paper magnolia & bud using 1 sheet each of pearl & green shimmery paper, wire & template. Part 2: create driftwood arrangement.

Mint Matchbooks
Use your computer to make mint matchbook party or wedding favors.

Mixed Media Postcard Art Swap
Put together a beautiful mixed media postcard using bits and pieces already on hand.

Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards
Artist Trading Cards allow you to dabble in different art forms.

Mixed Media Card
How to make a greeting card that combines digital and traditional card making techniques with a touch of mixed media art.

Mixed Media Butterfly Tags
Multicolored embossed gift tags are quick and easy with the right tools.

Mixed Media Postcard Art: Fish and Fowl
I am still experimenting with mixed media post card art, still trying to get it right.

How to Make a Monoprint
Monoprint means ‘one print’, but here’s how to get two prints in one.

Mother’s Day Card Making Party
Having a Mother’s Day card making party for the neighborhood kids.

Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Magic
A review of a delightful book.

My First Mail Art
My first example of mail art – I used collage techniques.

Need a Unique Card Quick? Improvise
Make a unique card quickly by improvising with materials on hand.

Open Door Card Design
An original card design ideal for open house invitations.

‘Orient Express’ Mail Art
How to add an oriental theme to your mail art.

An Introduction to Origami
A brief history of origami plus a recommendation of a helpful origami instruction book and other origami supplies.

Origami-Inspired Calling Card Holder
Pictorial on how to make an origami based two pocket business or credit card holder.

Paper and Envelopes for Hand Made Cards
How to design and make your own handmade envelopes.

Paper Clay Recipe and Resources
Recipe and resources for paper clay and paper mache.

Paper Clay Roses
How to make and decorate these beautiful roses.

Paper Giant Red Remembrance Poppies
How to make giant red remembrance poppies for Memorial Day from tissue paper, crepe paper or coffee filters.

Paper Mache
Making paper mache characters.

Paper Making
Recycle waste paper into beautiful craft papers using traditional paper making techniques.

Paper Pricking
Paper pricking tips.

Paper Tole 3D Decoupage
How to make 3D paper tole decoupage greeting cards.

Peek-a-Boo Card Design
An excellent card design for smaller children’s birthdays.

Personalized Keepsake Calendar
How to make a personalized keepsake calendar.

Personalized Stationery Obsolete? Don’t Toss It
Use outdated personalized stationery for its intended purpose by artistically covering the obsolete imprinted information and making matching envelopes.

Phoenix Bride Postcard Art
Phoenix Bride postcard art from the heart would have made a good journal page. Sometimes art just happens when you try out new techniques.

Photo Calendar
How to make a calendar incorporating your own photos.

Photos on Greeting Cards
Tips on personalizing cards with photos.

Photoshop Elements
For digital card making, nothing beats Photoshop – whether Photoshop Elements or Creative Suite.

Polyurethane Transfer Collage
Polyurethane transfer collage – Mixed media postcard art results from a reader question about image transfers.

Pop Up Butterfly Card
How to make an any occasion pop up butterfly card from a free downloadable template.

Postcard Art Inspired by ‘Desiderata’
Postcard art is fun, especially when the theme is inspiring. Two postcard art pieces inspired by Max Erhmann’s “Desiderata”. Materials and steps included.

Postcard Art Theme: What Matters
Mail art pieces by different artists with postcard art themes centering around values & what’s important in life. Tips on stamping & re-purposing wall art.

Pop-Up Place Cards
Place cards for any occasion.

Postcard Art: Mixed Media Mini-Practice
If you’re hesitant to try mixed media layering techniques on a large canvas or in an art journal for posterity, try something small like this postcard art.

Make your own.

Post-It Note Holder
A note holder made with digital scrapbooking techniques.

Pressed Flower Card
How to collect and press flowers for crafting a beautiful pressed flower card.

Pretty Money Holder Folder in a Jiffy
How to put together pretty gift money holder in a hurry.

Printshop: My Go-to Card Making Software
When I went looking for appropriate images in Print Shop 23, I was really impressed with the vast Art Gallery available. There’s something for anyone, any mood, any color scheme.

Pushing Creative Limits with Postcard Art
How to design original postcard art.

Quilled Earrings
A new and practical quilled paper project.

Red Hat Card
Design and print custom cards.

Return Address Labels
How to make return address labels.

Roll Your Own Candles for a Card
Card design by Aly Dosdall features roll your own paper candles. Tips & suggested papers for a paper candle birthday card for boys or girls of all ages.

Ruffled Ribbon Card
How to make a sweet ruffled ribbon card.

Santa Pop Up Place card
How to make festive Christmas place cards using the Scor-It tool.

The Score-It Board makes it easy to create paper hinges and emboss your paper crafts.

Silhouette Pop-Up Birthday Card
Lori Whitlock’s Silhouette pop-up birthday card design from the Silhouette Store is an awesome advanced design with no directions. Here is how I used it.

A Simple Way to Transfer Images
A low tech way to transfer images for your greeting cards or scrapbook layouts.

Spring Theme Mixed Media Mail Art
How to design and create spring themed mixed media art picture based on the song, ‘I Wish You Love’.

Stamped Christmas Card
How to make quick, simple and easy handmade Christmas cards using stamps and stickers.

Stamped Valentines Cards
Decorate your Valentines with art stamps.

Stationery Set
How to make your own matching stationery.

Summer Fun Scrapbook
An easy to make scrapbook for your children’s summer fun.

Tag in Pocket Card
Reusable and 3 dimensional components add special touches to the handmade ‘Just for You’ – tag in pocket card.

Teabag Tile Rosette
Tea bag tile rosette folding creates lovely kaleidoscopic effects.

Tea Light Birthday Cake and Card Project
A colorful and unique tea light birthday card and gift tutorial.

Thanksgiving Coloring Book
Turkey shaped coloring book to amuse the kids on Thanksgiving.

Then & Now Anniversary Card
A card idea that can be used to commemorate any milestone.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Tips for advanced tissue paper flowers for teens, tweens and more dexterous kids.

Transfer Laser Images with Any Polyvinyl Acetate Medium
Pictorial tutorial explaining how to transfer laser images with any polyvinyl acetate medium.

Tubular Wine Bottle Tote
How to make a tubular wine bottle tote from a cardboard mailing tube.

Turn Old Book Pages into Handmade Cards
Tutorial on how to make handmade cards using pages from a old book.

Two Unique Cards at Once
How to design two unique note cards on a single page – Design once; print once; and get two unique cards.

Unique Bookmarks
How to design unique bookmarks using digital tools.

Unique Envelopes
The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion tool makes making envelopes easy but they can still be made the old-fashioned way.

Unique Hand Made Card Ideas
More hand made card ideas to challenge your crafting skills.

Unique Logo Name Tags
How to make original laminated name tags.

Unusual Flap-Folded Card
How to design, print and assemble an unusual flap folded card.

Using your Inkjet Printer to Print Paper Napkins
Trying to print on napkin paper can be difficult. Some ways to do it.

Valentines Bagalope
A cute Valentines Day gift bag.

Watercolor on Wet Paper
How to use watercolor on a wet background as an art form background.

Wet Embossing Using Your Desktop Printer
How to do wet embossing using your desktop printer.

Window Envelopes
Adding color and interest to your envelopes.

More Window Envelope Ideas
Adding color and interest to your envelopes.

What Mixed Media Art Can Teach You
Mixed media techniques are only limited to the artist’s imagination and supplies – it might be called the art of exploration.

Why People Do Mail Art
Why do mail art? While I was initially skeptical I tried it and now love it.

Wine Corsets
Dress up your holiday wine gifts.

Wine Glass Lampshade Mood Lights
Easy-to-make wine glass lampshades make romantic candle lamps. Use wine glass lampshade mood lights for centerpieces, evening picnics or bridal parties.

Wine Hang Tag for New Year’s Eve
This Happy New Year wine hang tag is also a card, which opens to a space for a personal message for your hosts. Directions & downloadable template included.

Winter Note Card
How to make a shimmery Joy of Winter note card using handmade glimmer mist.

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