Tissue Paper Flowers

Advanced Flower Project for Teens, Tweens and More Dexterous Kids

Tissue paper roses

Directions for the basic tissue paper flowers can be found in Valentine Crafts for Kids.

If you want to get a bit fancier with your tissue paper flowers, try these variations. The large white rose measures 8 inches across and the white one is 4 ½ inches.

Used, crumpled tissue paper is actually better than new because the petals look more natural.

After cutting and stacking your tissue squares, put a stick pin right through the center. Then holding the pointy end underneath, you can easily spiral and arrange the petals.

Again, for a more natural look, do not aim for a perfect stair step type of spiral. Make it irregular.

The more layers you have, the fuller the flower will be (but also the trickier to do – LOL).

Red Rose Tissue Paper Flower   White Rose Tissue Paper Flower

Be rough with the petals as you spiral. Crinkle them and curl them upward.

When you’re happy with the flower’s shape, squeeze and twist the bottom half inch or so to form the nubby base.

Cut a long piece of wire. Make it three times the length you want your stem.

Wrap one end around the nub, then fold the wire twice at the length you want. This gives you a stem which will be thick and natural looking when wrapped with green florist’s tape.

Make you own tissue paper leaves or use artificial ones as in the photos.

Begin wrapping the stem with florist’s tape from the top down and on an angle. Stretch the tape as you go; this is what makes it stick. Incorporate the leaves as you wind the tape.

Round some of the petals by cutting off the points – especially the bottom layers.

The white rose is made of 15 6-inch squares of tissue paper.

The red rose uses 8 4 ½-inch squares.

For more about paper flowers visit Elegant Paper Flowers.

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