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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It simply means that you can get the articles and news you want delivered directly to your computer.

RSS does not go through e-mail. There is no spam.

You can subscribe in total privacy. You do not have to give up your name or e-mail address to receive the feed.

Updates will be delivered automatically to your RSS reader when they are posted.

You will be alerted periodically by the reader, depending on how you configure it. Just click on the list of new articles to see if anything interests you.

More and more websites are adding RSS feeds, so you will have lots of feeds to pick and choose from. Once you have an RSS reader installed, simply right click on the orange RSS or XML button and copy the shortcut. Then go to the reader and add the feed. It’s all automatic from then on.

Here is a selection of free RSS readers. I personally use RssReader which I find very intuitive and easy to use, just make sure to turn the bell off. I found it annoying.

So take the plunge and try RSS.

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