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Teen Craft | Little Kids Craft Articles

Get Started Crafting While You’re Young

Children Crafting

Kids like to craft too. Maybe it’s the fun of getting themselves covered with paint or glue. But some of these budding artists might continue on and become professional crafters some day.

My philosophy has always been that crafts are not really age specific. If you have the patience and manual dexterity to do something, age is of little difference. Of course, hazardous materials should be kept away from children too young to use them properly.

However there are some crafts that appeal to younger crafters more than others. Here are some of my thoughts. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, use the search box or click on the “Contact” link to the left to send us your questions.

Visit us often since we are constantly adding new content.

Teens’ and Younger Children’s Craft Articles

Artifical Pumpkin
A easy to make artificial pumpkin for Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Beaded Icicle Christmas Ornament
Easy to make colorful Christmas ornament.

Bead Your Own Sandals
How to dress up old or plain sandals with bead work.

CD Ghost
Halloween craft for kids.

Cork Christmas Coasters
Easy to make holiday craft.

Classmate Valentines Cards
Simple, easy and fast to make cards that your children can do for their whole class.

Craft Foam Jewelry
Easy to make, colorful jewelry.

Crafts and Kids
The benefits of crafts for younger children.

Decorative Book Covers
How to design and make unique book covers.

Fall Leaf Collage
A easy collage for kids to make.

Feathered Hair Clip
Make your own unique feathered hair clip.

Feathered Headband
Make a unique feathered headband.

Flower Fairies
Recycle paper flowers into these cute fairies.

Foam Heart Magnets
A very simple Valentines craft for children of all ages.

Garden Bells
Clay pot garden bells are easy to make and customize.

Halloween Apple Shrunken Heads
Ghoulish Halloween craft.

Halloween Glow in the Dark Garland
A spooky Halloween party decoration.

Halloween Spiders
Simple, easy to make, Halloween crafts.

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments
Materials safe enough for children to use.

Iridescent Ornament
Christmas craft for children of all ages.

Little Kids Crafts
Crafts you can do with young children.

Kids Crafts and Hand Prints
More crafts for young children.

Kids Crafts for Christmas
Easy to do colorful Christmas Ornaments.

Knotted Scarf
An easy to make scarf.

Magazine Page Boxes
Recycle magazine pages into colorful boxes.

Milk Jar Ghost
A spooky Halloween craft.

‘Mom u Rock’ Paperweight
A simple gift kids can make for their moms.

Paper Mache
Making paper mache characters.

Pillow Snowman
Simple kids craft for Christmas.

Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder
An easy to make kid’s craft.

Quilled Earrings
A new and practical quilled paper project.

Reinforcing School Learning Through Crafting at Home
Reinforce school learning through crafting at home – some simple ideas to engage your children.

Ribbon Christmas Ornament
Colorful, easy to make ornaments.

Sculpey Clay Dot Flowerpot
A cute little decorative item.

Silver Poinsettia Christmas Ornament
Elegant but simple.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament
Colorful, glittery snowflake patterns.

Snow People Sculpture
A simple sculpture using homemade clays.

Spring Photo Flower
Another Mother’s Day gift idea.

Summer Fun Scrapbook
An easy to make scrapbook for your children’s summer fun.

Sweet Hearts Bookmark
A easy to make Valentines gifts for the readers you love.

Tassel Christmas Ornament
Fancy, but easy to make.

Teen Craft Ideas
Ideas for teenagers who want to get started crafting.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Tips for advanced tissue paper flowers for teens, tweens and more dexterous kids.

Valentines Crafts for Kids
Easy to make valentines gifts.

Wrapping Paper and Floral Cone Christmas Trees
An easy Holiday craft.

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