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Crafters seem to love sharing tips and shortcuts they’ve come up with. And thank goodness; all of the tips you send in are cataloged here in the Tips Section.

I thought some of them are so clever, I’ve started compiling them into a database to organize and share with all our readers.

I hope that these tips help you to work smarter, better and faster. Maybe you’ll cut some of your costs too!

Click on a category that interests you and see whether someone has come up with a better way. If not, Contact Us to send us your questions.

Thank you for sharing and, like The Artful Crafter slogan, “Helping Crafters to Be”.

The Tip Sheets

Clay Tips

Adjusting Homemade Clay Recipes for High Altitude and Humidity
Clay recipes – like any other – may need adjusting for your locale.

Crafters are Easy to Shop For – Holiday Gift Ideas
Tips for getting crafters Holiday gifts they need and want.

Flattening Clay Tiles
Tips on how to keep clay tiles flat as they dry.

Homemade vs Commercial Clays
The pros and cons of Pasta Frencesa and Cold Porcelain Clays versus commercial polymers.

Homemade Polymer Clay Recipe Tips
Tips on mixing your own polymer clay.

Laminated Household Solutions Cards
Keep all your magazine household solutions cards handy and spot free.

Repainting Clay Pots
Freshen up the look of old clay ware.

Craft Repairs

6 Crafty Solutions to Remedy Common Household Problems
6 easy ways to apply your crafty skills to simple household problems.

Clay & Ceramic Repairs
How to repair damaged clay and ceramic objects.

Does Your Bonnet Need a Makeover?
Makeover your bonnet with Stiffy Fabric Stiffener and some ribbon.

Four Crafty Solutions
How to repair and spruce up items you might consider throwing away using crafty solutions.

Make Dingy Yellow Plastic New Again
How to make dingy yellow plastic new again with cream peroxide. Larger items like this sewing machine are trickier. Ingenious tips to get the job done.

Polymer Clay Cracking
Proper design and curing may prevent cracking in finished pieces.

Quick Wardrobe Rescues
How I used my crafting know-how to recuse a pair of sandals and re-make a belt.

How to Repair Clay Sculptures
Tips, materials and techniques to repair broken clay sculptures.

How to Repair Costume Jewelry
How to repair or renew your jewelry.

Repairing Fire Damaged Jewelry
Tips on how to repair and upgrade old, fire damaged jewelry.

How to Seamlessly Repair Resin Bath Accessories
Resin pieces can be repainted and repaired with a little effort.

Recycle an Old Belt into a Necklace
How to remake an old accessory into something new and fresh.

Repair Artificial Plants
Using craft glues to rescue a demolished silk houseplant.

Repairing Porcelain Figurines
Tips on making almost professional repairs to damaged porcelain figurines.

Repairing a Smashed Wooden Mask
An advanced craft repair project.

Spray Painting Furniture
Spray painting furniture is an option when you don’t know what finishes you’re dealing with & especially when you suspect some of the finishes are not wood.

Two Methods to Repair Cracked Ceramic
A low tech and a high tech way to repair a leaky teapot.

Whiten Yellowed Plastic
How to whiten yellowed plastic. Plastic yellowing is caused by oxidation. It can be reversed if you act before plastic starts to crack and crumble to dust.

Craft Tips

5 Crafty Ideas to Update Your Window Treatments
Ideas on how to recycle or upcycle household items to dress with your windows.

Building a Backyard Sandbox For The Kids
Making a sandbox for the kids so they can play without tearing up the house.

Craft Ideas for Your Valentine’s Flowers
You want to enjoy your Valentine’s flowers as long as you can – craft ideas on how to use or preserve your flowers.

Craft Room Safety for Kids
Don’t ban the kids from the craft room; get them (safely) involved

Craft-N-Spin Crafting Turntable
Review of a very versatile crafting tool.

Dimensional Paint for Fabric and Glass
Dimensional paint designed for fabric also works well on glass, but for projects that will be outside, use outdoor dimensional paint. Includes video demo.

Document Craft Project Steps
Document craft project steps so you can recreate your craft projects – even years later.

Heat Resistant Coatings
Where to look for heat resistant coatings for beaded trivets and other crafts.

Heat Resistance for Crafts
How to pick and apply a heat resistant finish for coasters and other craft projects.

Ideas for a Crafty High School Fundraiser
Looking to do something different for a High School fundraiser. Here are some crafty ideas.

InstaMorph Moldable Plastic
There are many uses for InstaMorph Moldable Plastic from crafts to household repairs.

Online Arts and Crafts Classes
Online classes are a super way to learn, especially when you can find an introductory free class.

Recycle and Make Things Match
Recycle old objects around the house to make them into new trendy accessories.

Recycling and Repurposing
Save money and repurpose items.

Repurpose: Old Easel & Lunchbox
Two crafty ways to repurpose: inexpensive unused easel cut down makes storage rack for large art boards; & a metal lunchbox makes good ink bottle storage.

Removing Old Epoxy
Methods for removing old epoxy from funiture.

Repurposing Household Items Into Crafts
Some ways to save the planet by repurposing old household items into useful homemade crafts.

Transfer Photo to Wood
You can transfer any photo to wood using gel medium – tips to avoid problems.

My Craft Passion
What’s your passion.

What’s the Best Craft from Recycled Materials?
You can recycle materials you have on hand or easily can get into all sorts of craft projects.

Xyron 900 & Creatopia
The Xyron 900 and Creatopia are great tools for all sorts of different crafts.

Crochet Tips

22 Crochet Tips
Helpful crochet tips.

Crafty Donations
Crafty donations – donate craft supplies, materials and finished crafts to charities.

Holiday Gifts For A New Crocheter
Ideas for Holiday gifts for crocheters, especially those new to the craft.


UV-Resistant Decals on Glass
How to achieve a colorful finish.

Decoupage Tips

Heat Set Decals
How to find and use amazing heat set decals that are dishwasher safe.

Laser Copiers for Lazertran Decals
Not all laser copiers will work with Lazertran decals – We supply a list of those that will.

Another Decoupage Problem
Tips for dealing with bleeding, air bubbles and lumping in decoupage projects.

Bubbles in Decoupage
Tips to help remove tiny bubbles from decoupage glass plates.

Decoupage Faux Tiles
How to obtain a realistic and durable finish.

Decoupage Methods
Advice and methods on how to make a professional decoupage project.

Decoupage a Bookcase
Some tips on how to decoupage a bookcase using kindergartners’ artwork.

Decoupaging a Claw Foot Bathtub
Tips for successfully decoupaging a cast iron claw foot bath tub.

Sealing Decoupage Surfaces
Tips on properly sealing decoupage surfaces.

Wood Finishes for Decoupage
Tips on how to prepare wood surfaces for decoupage, plus a discussion of available finishes.

Fabric Tips

Bubble Jet Tips – How to Print on Fabric
How to use Bubble Jet Set & Rinse to treat fabric so that you can print almost anything on it with your computer & printer.

Technique and Media Ideas for Fabric Painting
Knowing a medium’s base ingredient helps determine how to use it.

Painting on Nylon
Using the proper paints to decorate nylon.

Applying Fabric to Walls Using Starch
Starch makes it easy to apply and remove lightweight fabric from walls.

Hanging Cloth Strips on Walls
Tips on lining up and applying cloth strips as wall decorations.

50 Ways to Use Ribbon to Dress Up Your Crafts
Uses of ribbon from fashions to scrapbooking.

Glass Etching & Decorating

Glass Etching Tips and Ideas
Glass decorating tips from a pro.

Glass Painting
Illustrated instructions to transform plain glassware into unique home décor.

Heart Etched Champagne Flute Tutorial
How to etch champagne glass for Valentines.

Glass Etching from Hobby to Home Business
Techniques for adding designs to glass.

Glass Etching
Ways to transition from crafting to a craft business.

Glue Tips

How to Remove Super Glue
A handy tip for your super glue boo-boos.

Glue – A Sticky Question
What glue to use to adhere metal soda cans to wood for a collage.

Gourd Tips

Birdhouse Gourds
How to prepare birdhouse gourds.

Scratch Engraved Gourds
How to decorate green gourds.

Jewelry Tips

Cleaning Gemstones
How to keep your gemstones sparkling.

Cleaning Precious Jewelry
How to keep metal jewelry bright and shining.

Crafty Ways to Complete Your Pandora Charm Bracelet
Affordable ways to complete your charm bracelet.

Makeover a Scratchy Necklace
How to rebuild a necklace so it no longer scratches the skin.

Special Needs Jewelry
Customize your jewelry to your customers needs.

Holiday Crafts

Christmas Ornament Making Tips
Tips on making colorful Christmas ornaments.

Decorating Easter Eggs
Ways to beautifully decorate Easter Eggs.

Preparing Eggs for Decoration
How to blow out eggs for decoration.

Homecoming Mums Tips

Homecoming Mums Tips
Making a classic mum.

Knitting Tips

Knitting Tips
Some useful tips to help you get started knitting.

Misc Tips

Cardboard Chest Upgrade — Trash to Class
Cardboard chest upgrade creates a decorative functional piece of furniture with: an easy spray paint job; functional improvements; and decorative touches.

Introducing Ecoseatz furniture craft kits that your kids assemble and decorate.

Find Cheap Unique Craft Supplies
Where to look for cheap – and unique – craft supplies.

Fun Friendly Activities for Kids
Budget friendly fun things for your children to do during the summer school break.

Personalize Your Picture Frames
Use your imagination to dress up old or plain picture frames.

Puny Christmas Wreath Makeover
How to take a puny store-bought Christmas wreath and make it over into something more exciting.

Organizing Tips

4 Ways to Create a Functional Craft Room
Design tips on creating a functional crafting space.

Craft Room Design
How to put together an great space for crafting.

Craft Room Envy Cure
Don’t suffer from craft room envy. It’s satisfying to work with what you have and make it better. See two working craft rooms and their happy owners.

Craft Room Organization on a Budget
How craft room organization can actually help your crafting.

Create A Craft Space
Spare room makeover – create an awesome craft space without going broke.

Declutter Your Craft Room
More tips on organizing your craft workspace.

Decorate With Your Craft Supplies and Projects
Home Decorating Ideas – Use your knitting supplies: yarns, needles, and projects-in-process add to décor.

Duck Tape Craft: Desktop Decor for $5
Reorganize and coordinate your craft table for less than 5 bucks with patterned Duck Tape rolls and sheets. Reducing clutter helps creativity flow.

Dream Floral Workshop Design
Helping a reader design a dream at-home floral workshop.

Getting Organized for Beading
Once you organize your beading supplies, you will find it easier to bead.

Is It Pretentious to Call This My Studio?
I decided I would update and reorganize my “studio” so that it would draw me deeper into art as well as meet my cravings for organization and convenience.

Organize Your Craft Work Space
Ways to get yourself organized, especially if you can never find the scissors.

Paper Craft Tips

Advanced Card Making Tips
How to streamline the process of making the Open Door invitation card.

Dry Embossing Tips
Tips on how to do a perfect embossing job, including a review of the ShapeBoss
Ultimate Embossing System
which makes the project easier than ever.

Deep Debossed Fancy Invitations
How to use your ShapeBoss system to make fancy debossed invitations for weddings and other events.

Greeting Card Folding Techniques
How to get professional results when folding greeting cards.

How To Adjust Patterns Using Your Word Processor
Simple steps to resize your craft patterns.

How to Compensate for Printer Quirks
How to deal with various quirks that arise in using computer printers.

How to Make Mucilage Envelope Glue
How to make your own mucilage envelope glue to seal your custom made cards.

Label Tricks
How to make any size label from a full sheet.

A Simple Way to Transfer Images
A low tech way to transfer images for your greeting cards or scrapbook layouts.

How to use perspective in your craft projects.

Printing Tips for Print Shop
Tips for printing greeting cards using Print Shop.

Printing Greeting Cards
More tips on how to get the most out of your greeting card program.

Raster vs. Vector
Digital graphics tips.

Restoring Old Photos
Making really old photos look like new.

Scanning Objects
Use yout scanner to create original backgrounds for printed paper crafts.

Think Inkjet
Advanced tips to create special effects with your inkjet printer.

Stamping Tips
Tips on the care and feeding of rubber stamps.

Oil Paint over Mod Podge Collage
Are oil paint and Mod Podge compatible.

Unique Centerpiece Designs
How to use fresh flowers to make unique centerpieces.

Polymer Clay Tips

Polymer Clay Castle
Using plastic sheeting to create castle walls and floors.

Polymer Clay Tips
Tips on how to use polymer clays, such as Sculpey, with an eye towards a professional result.

Polymer Clay Toxicity? – Not
Research that clears up the notion that polymer clay products are toxic.

Senior Crafts

Senior Crafts
Crafts to engage seniors with limited dexterity.

Some Sewing Tips

Blind Hemming Silk
Tips to get the best results.

Decorated Tote Bag from a Kit
The pros and cons of using crafting kits.

Embroidery Machine Buying Tips
What to look for when buying an embroidery machine.

No Pattern Sewing
How to sew a pair of pants without a pattern.

Seaming Panne Velvet
Sewing crushed velvet requires special sewing techniques.

Sew Perfect Mitered Strips
How to sew perfect mitered strips.

Sewing Secrets of the Pros
From picking the right sewing machine to making a perfect corner, lots of tips are included here.

Sewing Velvet
How to get a perfect finish when sewing velvet.

Do It Yourself Sewing Machine Repairs
Written by a sewing machine repairman: try these tips before calling for service.

Sewing Tips: The Right Needle
There’s a needle for every job. See which is best for you.

Sewing Tips: The Right Thread
There a tread for every job. See which is best for you.

Sewing Tips: What to do with Old Thread
Can old thread be saved? Can some threads last longer than others? The answers are here.

The Joy of Sewing
Rekindling an old passion.

How to Choose a Sewing Machine
Helpful advice if you’re in the market for a new sewing machine.

Soap Making Tips

Anybody Can Do This Soap Stuff
Simple, fun crafts made with soap flakes.

Craft Ideas: Soap Making Success
Tips on making glycerin soaps for fun or profit.

Lotion Bar Recipe
Recipe for a rich lotion bar.


Adjusting Sundials
How to make your sundial as accurate as possible.

Waterslide Decals

How to Bake Laser Toners onto Glass
How to bake laser toners onto glass and to troubleshoot problems.

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