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Crafts are fun! They engage your mind and your imagination, as well as your hands and body.

Crafts provide you with satisfaction and gratification as you handle and admire your finished masterpiece.

Crafts create pride and confidence in yourself when your friends or clients admire your work and make comments like, “I wish I could do something like that.” or “How can you make something so beautiful (or original?)”.

In this age of mass production, the lovingly handmade craft stands out and is appreciated for what it is, a work of love. It has more value than ever.

The Artful Crafter is here to help and give you ideas, not necessarily to be copied, but to inspire and motivate you to create your own unique works. They should be the starting point of your own journey of creation.

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What The Artful Crafter is About

This site is quite large. In order to make it easier to maneuver, all our craft articles, further broken down by category, are listed on the Crafts Ideas page. Also check out the Site Topic Index in the left column that contains links to all the categories of crafts that we cover.

While not every craft is listed, I have made an effort to include as many as possible.

In Tips you will find ideas and suggestions to help you work smarter, faster and better, while Patterns offers plans, patterns and tutorials for actual crafting projects.

Throughout the pages of The Artful Crafter, you will find suggestions about tools and products to use, books to read and computer programs that can help you do everything from graphics design, scrapbook layout, decoupage and much more.

I love to receive your letters and comments. In Reader Questions you will find my responses, which contain more hints and advice.

Craft Fair

Crafting as a Business

For some crafting is a hobby: for others a business. From circles of friends to fairs to galleries to the Internet, arts and crafts sell!

For those thinking about getting started selling your crafts for profit or expanding or improving your existing craft business, the For Profit section contains solid business advice.

We tell you how to keep your costs down and your quality up; how to determine the “right” price for your products and how to get it.


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Need Help?

If you don’t find what you are looking for, use the search box above or the Contact Us form to send us your questions or suggestions.

We’d love to hear from you – your suggestions, questions or tips to share. Send us your success stories or even your painful mistakes. The first for inspiration; the second to save others from learning the same lesson the hard way – or just to provide a good chuckle.

Keep in Touch

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Whether you want to earn money with your crafts or improve your crafting skills, you’ve come to the right place.

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  1. Lynda Nunez says:

    My biggest design challenge is not having enough time to do all the crafting I want…and there really is no solution to it. I just have to pick one thing and do it well then, move on to something else and perfect that.

  2. I can no longer multi-task projects as was the case in past, so I am always looking for projects that look like take a lot of time, but really don’t.

    So glad your journey continues.

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