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Zipper Oilcloth Bag

If You Hate Sewing Zippers, You’ll Love this Clever Pattern

oilcloth tote bag

This zippered oilcloth market tote is made in a unique, simplified fashion.

The picture below gives a clue. You can see that the zipper is sewn in, along with the straps, before the bag’s side seams are stitched. There are several advantages to this method. It’s easier to sew the zipper to a flat piece of fabric than to a finished bag.

If you’ve struggled attaching zippers to odd shaped openings, you know what I mean. If you have a difficult time keeping your stitch line straight, you’ll love this method even more.

By the time you’re done with this simplified method, the straps have been stitched four times for strength. It’s easier to get the zipper perfectly straight because it lines up against the edge of the bag’s hem.

oilcloth zippered tote bag2

The double-folded hem adds strength and means the stitch line to attach the zipper doesn’t show on the bag’s outside. Finally when the 1-inch hem is top-stitched at the top and bottom to give a nice tailored look, the lower top-stitching goes through the zipper fabric reinforcing its placement.

To obtain my zippered oilcloth market tote pattern including step-by-step directions for the unique zipper setting, please click here to order.

Make them for yourself, as gifts, or to sell. I sold many of them three and four years ago and a recent resurgence in orders has convinced me these bags are not a fad.

If you have any questions about the pattern you purchase, feel free to contact me. I welcome all questions and love knowing that my most popular original products from my selling days are being made by other crafters.

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