Artful Eats and Toasty Treats for Tea

Are You Ready for Some Artful Eats and Toasty Treats?

Welcome to today’s T-party where we share what happening in our lives along with a beverage (reference). Today T Stands for artful eats and toasty treats. So for those of you who live in lands of ice and snow, I’m serving toasty mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Please help yourself.

Are You Ready for Some Artful Eats and Toasty Treats? How about a Hot Cup of Cocoa?

It’s chilly where I live. That means low 50s F (10 C) in the morning before the sun heats up. In the afternoon, it’s in the high 70s (21 C) most days.

As I type this, it’s early morning and I’m sitting at my computer bundled up in two heavy sweaters with a scarf around my neck.  When I leave for yoga class at 8:30, I’ll still need one sweater outside. When I leave the yoga studio at 10:00, I’ll just wear the scarf.

However, when I return to the house, the two sweaters and scarf will come back on. The house doesn’t warm up during winter. So I know — poor me.

Are You Ready for Some Artful Eats and Toasty Treats? How About Chang's Duck Spring Rolls?

Speaking of artful eats and toasty treats, isn’t that a gorgeous presentation of spring rolls?

On Monday, Chris and I went to P. F. Chang’s in Guadalajara. He had a doctor’s appointment and then we did some big box store shopping. Next we headed to our favorite restaurant. Chang’s had some new items on the menu. The duck spring rolls were fabulous! Because it was a pretty heavy appetizer, we shared a serving of Chang’s spicy chicken for the main course and took half of that home for Tuesday’s dinner.

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My Cup Runneth Over and So Does My Mailbox

After all the lovely Christmas snail mail I received and then a New Year’s card’s as well, last week I found a mail art postcard from Deb at Learning to Just Breathe. Truly, my mailbox runneth over. This is so much more fun than junk mail and bills!

Ferns Ladybugs Pc

The 5 x 8 1/2-inch postcard came through the mail in perfect shape. Deb was concerned that the layered modeling paste ferns might crack or peel off. Isn’t that a clever technique? The different shades of green along with the layered paste create visual and tactile depth. I love the cute little ladybugs too.

Ferns Ladybugs Close Up

Aren’t they darling? The faux brass corner plates are also cool.

More Quick Backgrounds in My Junk Journal, Including Some Artful Eats and Toasty Treats

Page From Chris Book 4

I prepared a few more backgrounds in my junk journal using Pearshaped Crafting Chrisapproach to setting up a junk journal for 2020.

Page From Chris Book 5

Here’s one. I used pieces of the takeaway brown bag from our P. F. Chang’s lunch. Can you spot them? Just joking.

Love Your Heart Journal Spread: Dance Your Heart Out

This spread started out as one of the quick backgrounds to finish later. But I finished it right away. Sometimes you just have to go with your heart.

Love Your Heart Journal Spread: Dance Your Heart Out

I followed Laly Mille‘s mystical way of approaching a journal page. The approach is very new to me, so I linked this journal spread to Jo’s Something New theme at Art Journal Journey (AJJ)

Love Your Heart Journal Spread: Exercise Detail

Read more.

Finally, thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comments. Happy T-day, everyone!


  1. I’d love that kind of cold day at the moment! Yesterday we had fog all day and it only got to 2C in the afternoon! I’ll pass on the sugar rush drink even though it does look really appealing! Loving the journal pages! Happy T day! Chrisx

  2. Your plate of food looks delicious, we haven’t had spring rolls in ages. beautiful card from Deb-she always has so many cool techniques-I am anxious to try the modeling paste soon enjoyed seeing your journal pages too Happy T hugs kathy

  3. littlehippymom says:

    Oh my. I sit here in my fleece hat and fleece shirt with a flannel. It is going to be 10 degrees tonight. The cup of coco looks wonderful and I’ll take a cup. That should warm me up. And I love your junk journal. I need to do one of thee because your and Chris’s pages look like you are having so much fun. And nice mail too. I hope you have a super T Day Eileen. Hugs-Erika

  4. Hot cocoa sounds wonderful about now. I’m still coughing a bit and have a sore throat, so that sounds really wonderful. And the cup of chocolatey goodness looks good, too.

    Your backgrounds are amazing. Yes, that’s a great spread in your junk journal, but the one you finished is simply amazing. Sorry I wasn’t around last week, but I’m delighted to have seen this beauty you created for Jo’s theme at Art Journal Journey. Thanks for sharing it and also for showing it a second time during T.

    Love the look of those spring rolls. I love spring rolls as much as I love egg rolls. Yours were beautiful. Thanks for sharing those and your hot chocolate with us for T this almost Tuesday. And thanks for your kind words on my hopeful recovery, dear Eileen.

  5. Debra Terry says:

    Awww thanks for the shout out Eileen!!! Love the pictures of the postcard you took.. Spring rollls YUM! duck i’m not so sure of…lol Hugs! deb

  6. I mostly need thick sweaters at home, too, as it never really gets warm in my apartment. Love the thought of spicy food, spring rolls ad chicken sound great. Glad you have been having fun journaling, your pages are lovely. Pretty postcard from Deb, too. Have a happy T Day and a great week, hugs, Vlerie

  7. Wonderful, now I´m hungry 😉
    Cold over here, too, the roofs wear a coat of ice. Spring, where are you?
    The ladybugs are very cute. And I love your pages.
    A happy T-day to you.

  8. Hot cocoa sounds really good to me at the moment- but I’ll skip the marshmallows;) I can see how you’d still feel cold- I would too- but it IS much better than dealing with temps in the teens in the mornings here lately. Beautiful postcard. Glad it got through the mailing system without incident. Your journal pages are lovely! Happy T day!

  9. Lovely hot cocoa with marshmellows! I have had that in the UK once and it was delicious! So thank you. But I’m sorry your house is so cold. Here in Spain, on the coast where the winters are milder, most houses don’t have adequate heating systems. Sometimes just an airco that can be set on warm (costly) but no proper stove. Well, I am very happy with my woodburner. We only heat the one living area. I don’t need my bedroom to be warm and yes, the bathroom is freezing. I often prewarm it with a small stove if I plan on being there for any length of time. I can’t stand being cold.
    The duck spring rolls look lovely, and Deb´s card is really beautiful. Great journal pages!
    Happy T-Day,

  10. I can sympathise with a cold house, as Lisca said spanish villas are made to be cool in summer, freezing in winter! We have a wood burner that warms the lounge and takes the chill off the bedrooms and bathroom although we have a wall heater for the shower room.
    The hot chocolate looks delicious but I find they fill me up too much, it’s like a meal, ha,ha
    I do love duck spring rolls, our local Chinese restaurant rolls them at the table for you and all done with chopsticks.
    Have a great T Day
    Jan x

  11. I appreciate the hot chocolate even though there’s no ice or snow here. We’re getting highs in the low 30sF which feels cold enough to me. I do my yoga at home 🙂 so I’ll not have to get out in the cold unless I decide to make that grocery trip. I like Chinese food, and those spring rolls look delicious! I’m amazed the fancy art technique on the postcard wasn’t damaged in the mail. Sweet! Happy T Tuesday!

  12. The hot chocolate with marshmallow looks delicious and I’m loving your happy mail, those ferns are gorgeous ?. How lovely to visit Changs and those spring rolls look so delicious, I’m loving your fabulous junk journal pages too – perfect! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  13. I’ll take your cold day over mine. ? Either way the hot chocolate hits the spot. Your happy mail looks wonderful. So nice the postal service handled the post card with care. Looks like you had a wonderful time working in your journal. Thanks for sharing your pages. Happy T Day

  14. Lovely artwork. I always enjoy seeing art journal pages. The mail art postcard you received is nice. Your hot cocoa and food looks delicious. Sometimes “cold” is a relative term for me. Awhile back, when we had an arctic blast for a few days, and then it “warmed” up to 40 F, that felt “warm” to me. Then, we had unseasonable highs near 65 F, and when it dropped back down to 40 F, that felt “cold” to me. Right now we’re in another arctic blast, which is very unpleasant. (I’d prefer 70 F year round, with 50 F overnight.) Happy T-Day!

  15. Your drink looks heavenly ! Sorry to be making such late T-day rounds, been a busy week and will continue…..UGH! not much time for fun and visiting.
    Deb’s PC are always a joy to receive, yours is beautiful.
    Your art journals are amazing!!!!!
    Have a great week!

  16. OOhh Eileen ! This is a super delicious chocolate !! I adore the hot chocolate, Happy belated T-day !! Todoy it´around 15º C here, and we have a small heater, and the heat pump too, but we hardly use them, we live in a privileged place.
    I love the pages of your Junk journal, they are beautiful, let’s see if I make one too, that I have wanted to do it for a long time.
    What a beautiful card your friend’s. Wish you have a nice day, and send big hugs, Caty

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