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I created this Excel craft holiday planning spreadsheet for my own use. Then I realized you might like to use it as well.

Days Until Holidays App

Anyone who hand crafts gifts and decorations for holidays or other special occasions needs to plan ahead. Handcrafted things take time.

If you craft for profit and sell at fairs and expos, you probably already have a system, but you might find mine easier to use.

So I prettied-up my personal craft holiday planning spreadsheet and added directions.

Click on the image above or here, craft holiday planning spreadsheet, to download.

Directions for Excel Craft Holiday Planning Spreadsheet

Once you’ve saved the craft holiday planning spreadsheet to a handy place on your hard drive, open it in Windows Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program).

Type today’s date (or any date you want to calculate from) in the red area. The spreadsheet will automatically recalculate days remaining until each listed day.

You can easily customize the sheet to add other special days you intend to craft for.

You can easily delete any rows that you don’t need as well. I doubt any of you will want to leave the DST start and ends times for Mexico. I need them because I live and craft in Mexico; but the Artful Crafter’s audience is primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

To insert special days like birthdays or other holidays, you need to insert a row. For example, to insert a row above Easter, hover your computer mouse over the Easter row number (14); right click and select “insert.” A new row will appear. Type in the special day title and its date. Right click and copy the formula from the cell above in the “Days Until column;” then right click and paste it into the empty “Days Until” cell of the new row.

How to Use the Craft Holiday Planning App Forever

Here’s an easy way to keep this list both forward-looking and “evergreen” for your future use. Save the original by adding the word “original” to the file name. (Or come back here to download a fresh copy.) That way, you’ll always have a fresh file for the coming years with the dates for each full year from new Year’s Day through New Year’s Eve.

To keep the file for the current year forward-looking, you can delete each row as a special day passes. Just hover over its row number, right click and delete.

When you get to the point in the year when you need to start planning for the next year’s holidays, just add them to the bottom

You’ve now got a countdown calendar that rolls forward with time for all your special crafting occasions!

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  1. What a super idea! I do a similar thing for my DT posts but this might act as guide if I am stuck for a reason to make a card! Thanks for sharing! Chrisx

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