Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: One Method — Three Unique Designs

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter is the Shortest Distance

I have a new (art) love: embossed aluminum postcard art made with inexpensive aluminum foil tape that you buy at the hardware store. Press foil tape on top of scrap card stock. Then run it through an embossing machine or score it by hand using a ball tip stylus. It’s softer and easier to work than metal sheets. If you’ve ever embossed sheets of copper or aluminum, you know what I mean.

Here are detailed directions to make Embossed Foil Backgrounds for Alcohol Ink Art.

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter is the Shortest Distance Between Two People

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter Oops

I messed up this alcohol ink background when I tried to spread white gesso through a stencil. The gesso was too runny. Yikes! I wiped it off as quickly as possible, but the damage was done. No worries.

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter Oops Fixed with Rub n Buff

Rub ‘n Buff metallic wax to the rescue. Just rub it on with your fingertip until you like the look.

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter Scrapbook Paper Cutout

I chose a scrap of scrapbook paper to cut out the bird in a frame and one of the bird cages to use as the focal art.  I cut out the inside of the frame and pasted a scrap of cream paper to make space for the word art. The Victor Borge quote is from Fiskars’ “Laugh with Me” ensemble of 21 laugh-related quotes.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

The stamp would have been too large for the frame as is. I stamped it onto another piece of the same cream paper I  had used to fill the picture frame, then cut the words apart and squeezed them in. Outlining the individual words makes it all look quite deliberate, right?

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Laughter Assembled

I used No More Nails glue to assemble all three of these embossed aluminum postcard art pieces and then crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t come apart in the mail!

I added a few finishing touches to the laughter postcard (see top photo):

  • Black Pitt pen to outline the elements and sketch some details;
  • White Gelly Roll pen to doodle  on the black mat, sign and date the piece; and
  • A layer of gloss acrylic finish coat.

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Sometimes You Never Know the Value of a  Moment

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Dr. Seuss Quote

I used little scraps of neon green Post-It Notes to write the Dr. Seuss Quote,

“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

How true, right?

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Dr. Seuss Quote & Dying Flower

The tiny red trumpet-shaped penstemons flowers are real. I have a bush of them outside my craft room sliding glass doors. Hummingbirds love them and put on quite a show for me when my mind wanders away from the computer. The two blossoms still on their stalk represent the “moment” you might miss and the fallen flower lying on the bottom is just a “memory.”

Embossed Aluminum Postcard Art: Artful

Alcohol Ink Postcard Art: Artful

You’d hardly guess that the “Artful” postcard started out in the bright colors below, would you?

Alcohol Ink Postcard Art: Blending Colors with Felt Pad Blending Tool

These are the alcohol ink colors as they came outo of their little bottles. I had just started to blend them together. The Butterscotch blended with Sailboat Blue into a gorgeous olive green. The clear Sailboat Blue edged toward purple when the Watermelon joined it.

Once I was happy with the colors, I let the inks dry. Next I rubbed silver, then gold Rub ‘n Buff metallic wax over the raised areas and around the edges. The postcard background and individual letters were cut from artist papers found in issues of Somerset Studio magazine. Both “Vintage Letters” and Grungy Days” were designed by Jennifer Razo.

I added green and red marker accents to the letters and did some outlining with a black Pitt pen and a white Gelly Roll pen.

I tried a matte finish coat, but decided gloss would be better. You know that the final coat is what determines the finish look — gloss vs. matte — right? You never need to anguish over which to use. Try one. If it’s not what you want, switch. That’s good to know.

Here are more Collage and Mixed Media articles.

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  1. These are beautiful ~ thank you for sharing your technique 🙂

  2. I *love* aluminum foil tape, and those alcohol inks look awesome with it!

  3. Those turned out beautiful Eileen!!! I cannot wait to have my own inky, metallic tape play! I received a lovely postcard in the mail yesterday!!!! I just love it! Thank you so much!! breath of Spring! Hugs! deb

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