Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Make Your Own Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Homemade Halloween cupcake toppers are easy to create. I’ve designed some free files you can use. Simply open, print onto card stock and cut out. If you have a 1 1/2-inch circle punch, just punch them out. Then glue fronts and back together with a toothpick in between. Done!

If you like, you can personalize your homemade Halloween cupcake toppers in Photoshop or PS Elements with children’s names or different Halloween clip art or sayings. You can also change the background patterns.

If you prefer to simply use my designs, skip down to the bottom where you will find the download buttons and instructions. To use my designs as is, choose the green button.

There are buttons for the Fall Polka Dot Paper Pack and layered PSD as well. The paper pack contains 8 x 8-inch PNG files which can also be printed for your use.

If you want to make design changes or create your own cupcake toppers from scratch, the next two section walk you through working with the layered file.

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper Free Files

Design Your Own Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Before opening Photoshop, if you’d like some other clip art options for your homemade Halloween cupcake toppers, go to Obsidian Dawn and download the free Halloween custom shape (.CSH) file. You might want to read the terms of us while you’re there. They’re very generous.

To whit, “You MAY use our resources within your own design, painting, etc. and do whatever you like with it (provided that proper credit is given).” You may even use the Obsidian Dawn custom shapes to create crafts to sell – as long as you give credit to the designer on your product label.

Download and unzip the file. Locate Adobe in the Program Files folder of your hard drive. Click on Adobe and find your current version of Photoshop. Open the Presets folder. Copy the .CSH file you just unzipped to Custom Shapes. If Windows warns you need administrator’s permission, go right ahead. It’s your PC Isn’t it? Don’t be intimidated.

Homemade halloween Cupcake Toppers Halloweenies Font

I’ve also used Halloweenies freeware font downloaded from Fonts2U. After downloading and installing, the Halloweenies ding bats will be available in the drop down font list when you open Photoshop. To type the Halloweenie ding bats, use capital letters A through L and you’ll see the creepy characters above.

Now you’re ready to use the papers and PSD zip files to design your homemade Halloween cupcake toppers.

Open the PSD layered file. You’ll find each of my cupcake topper designs in a separate folder. Find the folder or text layer you want to change and have at it!

If you need a little help understanding how each topper is layered and put together, I’ve included the step-by-step process used to create the homemade Halloween cupcake topper PSD below.

How to Design Your Own Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers

If you’d like to understand how my homemade Halloween cupcake topper PSD file was constructed or perhaps create your own, here’s how.

Open Photoshop. Create a new blank 8 1/2 x 11-inch document at 300 psi.

Halloween Cupcake Topper Design

Grab the ellipse shape tool and create a black circle one inch in diameter. Tip: hold down the shift key while you drag the 1-inch shape to assure a perfect circle. rasterize the layer.

Likewise, create a 1 1/4-inch black circle. These two circles are clipping masks to which you can clip your choice of papers.

Halloween Cupcake Topper Design

Grab the custom shape tool and select the SS-Halloween file from the fly-out list. Stamp your choice of spooky Halloween stamps. You can make them black or any color you choose.

Now let’s assemble one Halloween cupcake topper. Make sure the large circle is the active layer. Open a patterned paper. Use the move tool to drag a copy of the paper into your Halloween Cupcake Topper design file. It will land in the layer above the active layer and become the active layer.

Halloween Cupcake Topper Design

Move the paper to cover the large circle and select Layer>Create Clipping Mask (or Ctr+At+G). You can move the clipped paper around until you like the placement.

Move the small circle to the center of the patterned circle. Clip a coordinating paper to it. Select one of the Halloween custom shapes you created. Move it to the layer above the small circle. Finish your design as desired.

Create a group and name it Halloween Cupcake Topper. Duplicate the group 11 times and arrange the 12 groups in four rows of three. You can alter any of the Halloween cupcake topper group elements to create different designs as you like using the same techniques we’ve just used.

Add messages, children’s name … whatever you like, to make your Halloween cupcake toppers unique and personal.

How to Print and Assemble the Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper Supplies:

  • 8 1/2 x 11 white card stock
  • 1 1/2-inch circle punch or scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Toothpicks
  • Transparent tape
  • Paper clips

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper Directions
(for six toppers)

Print the design on white card stock. Cut out the Halloween cupcake topper designs with 1 1/2-inch circle punch or scissors. Combine fronts and backs as you like. Tape a toothpick onto the back of one half. Thoroughly coat the back of the other half with glue. Press the back together and secure with paper clips until the glue sets.

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper Downloads

Click the green button to download an 8 1/2 x 11-inch JPG printable of my homemade Halloween cupcake toppers.

The other two free zip files are over 10 MB and will take a minute or two to download.

Click the yellow button for the Fall Polka Dot Paper Pack.

Click the blue button for the layered PSD file along with the JPG printable.

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