Halloween Treat Basket Template & Directions

Bat Out o’ Hell Halloween Treat Basket

Bat Out o' Hell Halloween Treat Basket

Make cute Halloween treat baskets using my Bat Out o’ Hell design or use the blank template and choose your own paper and embellishments. The baskets are 2 1/4-inch deep, 3 3/4 inches on the long side and 2 5/8 inches on the short end.

Click on your choice of Halloween treat basket template. The full size PDF file will open in a new tab for you to save or print.

Halloween Treat Basket template with Design

Halloween Treat Basket Blank Template

Halloween Treat Basket Supplies

  • Template
  • 8 1/2 x 11-inch white card stock if you are using the Bat Out o’ Hell Halloween treat basket design or patterned scrapbook card stock to create your own Halloween treat basket design
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue stick or glue runner
  • Black marker
  • White gelly roll pen
  • Bright or neon yellow marker
  • Inexpensive steel household wire
  • Household wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Raffia
  • Transparent thread and needle

Halloween Treat Basket Directions

Halloween Treat Basket

Cut basket on solid lines.

Halloween Treat Basket

Score and fold on the dashed lines. Apply glue to the short ends which will be glued inside.. Press the basket together.

Halloween Treat Basket Handle

Cut a piece of wire to make the handle. Insert one end through the side of the basket as shown. Use needle nose pliers to form a small spiral on the outside. Curl the wire into a handle shape a little wider than the basket. Insert the other end of the wire from the inside to the outside on the other side and form a matching spiral with the other end.

Halloween Treat Basket

Let’s call the bat on the left the hanging bat and the other two are the flying bats. Add eyes with white pen. Let ink dry well. Go over the white with bright yellow marker for a spooky glow.

Halloween Treat Basket

Cut out the bats and color the backs with black marker since both sides will show.

Halloween Treat Basket: Wire Handle

Bend the wings of the flying bats upward; apply glue to the bats’ bodies and press one flying bat on each long side of the basket.

Tie a raffia bow at the top of the handle. A spot of glue will help it stay in place. Use transparent thread sewn between the hanging bat’s eyes to dangle it from the raffia.

Nestle Halloween candies on a bed of raffia for a fun Halloween treat basket or party favor.

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  1. Some of the kids in my neighborhood were using handmade baskets similar to yours this year! So cute 🙂

  2. How adorable is that? I love those little bats on there. Clever.

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