Journal Faster Tips from Chris: Just Do It!

Journal Faster Tips from Chris: A Junk Journal in a Jiffy

I took a page from Pearshaped Crafting Chris’ book, her new junk journal actually. She not only created and bound the book; but she also started backgrounds on all the pages. I was so impressed and inspired by her uninhibited and varied backgrounds. So I decided to give her approach a try. Following Chris’ journal faster tips, I think I can finally finish the junk journal I started in May, 2018.

I've Been Inspired by Journal Faster Tips from Chris

I just sat down with some of my accumulated stuff and scraps. Then I threw together some page backgrounds. My mantra was,

It’s only a piece of paper and a bunch of scraps. I can fix anything I don’t like later. White gesso is my best friend.

Since this is a new approach to art  journaling for me, I’m pleased to share this journal spread for Jo’s January Something New theme at Art Journal Journey (AJJ).

Page From Chris Book 2
Here’s my first background. I completed it in a couple of hours. That’s quick for me. However, I need to fight the urge to make an actual spread.

Page From Chris Book 3

Can you see what I did in this close-up? The spread already tells a story.

Journal Faster Tips from Chris: Just Do It!

Here are some of my scraps strewn about. The mess distracts and bothers me a bit. But I’m making progress and that feels terrific!

Making Progress: I’m a Work in Process

I recently came across this list of resolutions I made in January 2010.

I will:

  • Deal with each e-mail as I open it and get it off my plate. I will not agonize so much over the wording and grammar of my replies.
  • Check each in-box once in the morning and once at the end of the day, closing each after check-in to avoid temptation.
  • Check Facebook once in the a.m. and close it. Facebook is fun, but what a time drain!
  • Eliminate some of the free newsletters I’ve signed up for. I find myself reading the same information over and over just to be sure I don’t miss anything.
  • Set aside at least an hour a day for exercise and another hour for art just for me.

If this works, by the end of the year I should have two or three hours a day for my art. Nirvana.

Would you like to know what happened? It has taken me the entire decade but I accomplished every one of these promises to myself except , “Set aside at least an hour a day … for art just for me.”  Maybe I can tackle that goal in 2020! Like I said, I’m a work in process.

Aren’t we all. Do you have any art or craft making practices or attitudes that are holding you back?

Thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comments.

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  1. That’s a great idea – and I smiled about “…finally finish the junk journal I started in May, 2018” — I know that so well!! I have backgrounds from 2016, haha – and not finished yet.
    You got a wonderful result with all the scraps on your page!

  2. What a great idea from Chris, I can see why you started a junk journal too, it’s such a good way to use up all those scraps ?. Your first page spread is fabulous and I love how you incorporated the words to tell the story – perfect! This is wonderful new start to the year and great inspiration for our challenge at Art Journal Journey, thanks so much for joining in the fun! I’m a planner so nothing really gets in the way of my art, I always make time …lol ?. Happy and creative wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  3. Fabulous pages in your junk journal and I like the mantra you shared in the post .
    I know ‘ its only a piece of pape’, should work for me , but I must learn to use some of the bits I save with that in mind.
    Thank you for linking your fantastic pages to Jo’s theme at Art Journal Journey
    Yvonne xx

  4. Regine Karpel says:


  5. Fun page, junk journals are always good to play around in. Good that ou are finding time for your art. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have to take the cortisone for another week now as it’s not over yet, so I’m a bit disappointed – I hate the side effects! But I will win this battle, too! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  6. I LOVE this junk journal you have started. I think Chris may have started something because now I also want to make one. Your first spread is amazing and I like how you completed the story. It was great and a fun way to see how you ended the page. This is so unique and I think it’s perfect for Jo’s theme at Art Journal Journey, too.

    Your work in progress is turning out great. Now you see why I’m only a blogger. I don’t “do” Facebook and NEVER check my e-mail unless I have to. That’s why a message could sit for days without me seeing it or knowing about it. If it can’t be talked about on my blog, I don’t need to know about it (with a few exceptions, of course). Still, I find myself answering comments all day long and getting little done on the art front. BTW, it is raining sleet here right now, so I hope my internet doesn’t go down. Gotta love ATT (NOT).

  7. beautiful journalpage, the colors are beautiful and imaginative !!!

  8. Debra Terry says:

    I let new projects take the place of working on old projects that have been waiting for my attention. Im always finding new projects that grab my attention. Another bad habit is i like to wait for the ‘perfect’ time to be in my craftroom. And then that time never arrives.. I’ve gotten better at that but still a struggle. Great post Eileen. And i LOVE your layout. Hugs! deb

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