Tassel Trends to Try in Your Designs

13 Tassel Trends to Incorporate into Your Accessory and Home Decor Designs

Tassels are trending this season; and why not? Tassel trends can add a pop of color to your attire or give a little oomph to the earrings you’re wearing. There’s no question that tassels give a fresh and trendy look to the overall appearance. For example, one of the most popular ways to wear tassels is with a tassel and gemstone bead statement necklace.

17 Tassel Trends to Incorporate into Your Bead Designs and Decor

Gone are the days when tassels were limited to lamp shades or upholstery items like curtains, sofa covers and bedspreads. Today, you can find tassels everywhere: from statement necklaces to earrings, to cross body bags and even clothes with tassels hanging from them.

So here are a baker’s dozen of ideas on how to include tassels in your bead designs and create statement pieces for yourself that are very a la mode.

Bonus: Here are directions for making your own fiber tassels.

Tassel Trends for Accessories to Wear: Earrings and Bracelets

1. Beautiful Black Bead and Tassel Earrings
They say black never goes out of style; so when you add tiny beautiful beaded tassels incorporating black, the result is explosive. Make pretty black beaded tassel earrings; then wear them for an evening out with friends or a dinner date.

2. Oscar de la Renta Inspired Tassel Earrings
There’s no limit to how much money you can spend on fashion, but why pay a lot when you can get the same look at home with a simple DIY project? So here are Oscar de la Renta inspired tassel earrings that are an ultimate style statement and don’t cost a bundle.

Tassel Trends for Accessories to Wear: Earrings

3. Silk Thread Earrings
Silk reflects opulence, glamour, and sophistication, whether it’s a silk outfit or a scarf or even jewelry. Try this do-it-yourself project to make elegant and classy earrings with silk thread tassels and beads?

Tassel Trends for Accessories to Wear: Bracelets

4. Beads and Tassel Bracelet
Tassels are versatile because you can attach them to anything to enhance the look. There’s something about wearing tassels around your wrist that is cool and elegant at the same time. Try this tassel and beads bracelet.

5. Tasseled Kumihimo Bracelet
Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese bead braiding technique. The results look similar to bead crochet but kumihimo, done with a disk loom to guide you, is easier to learn. Yet the results are nothing short of spectacular. So if you have a bead stash you want to put a dent into, you might want to give kumihimo a try. Be sure to add a tassel to make your work stand out in any crowd.

Accessories to Wear: Neck Pieces

6. A Bohemian Tassel Neck Piece
Create a  boho look with a leather tassel added to a long-beaded string. Simply choose the style and color of beads and then select a leather tassel in a contrasting color.

7. A Statement Necklace
Give any outfit a face lift by adding a statement necklace that you can create  in 20 minutes. Here’s a DIY tutorial to make a chic and stylish beadsand tassel necklace in a jiffy.

Tassel Trends for Accessories to Wear: Neck Pieces

8. Tasseled Buddhist Mala Bead Neck String
For a meaningful or meditative neck piece, string a strand of 108 large beads as are used for Buddhist mala prayer beads. Instead of a guru bead at the center, hang a tassel to it to make it look uber trendy.

Tassel Trends for Accessories to Carry

Keychain or Bookmark

9. Beaded Keychain with Tassels
DIY crafts are fun just because you can add a bit of your personality to the design like with these tassel key chain kits. Add whatever size and shape of beads you like and the tassel of your choice.

10. Tote Bag Tassels
Everyone owns a tote bag. They are super-big, spacious, and comfy, and they can carry a lot of stuff around. Now, they can be stylish too. Just hanging these beautiful and colorful beaded tassels to your tote can instantly transform it from blah to wow.

Tassel Trends for Your Home Decor

11. Create a Beaded Garland
Add texture and depth to your home with this beautifully wood beaded garland with yarn tassels.

This is a really simple project, but really, really beautiful. As is so often the case.

12. Modern Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging
Add a more elegant touch to your bedroom wall by hanging a beautiful DIY tassel hanging with this monochrome design that looks tres chic and modern.

13. Big Bead and Tassel Hangings
Home decor is a task almost everyone enjoys because it adds your personality to the house you call your own. However, not all DIY decor projects need to be extensive and complicated. For example, check out this easy-to-make beads and tassels hanging using oversize tassels and wood beads.


These inspiring DIY ideas aren’t time-consuming, don’t require too much effort or many components, and the results are some fabulous tassel-bead beauties. So get creative and wear them around your neck, as bracelets or earrings, or hang them on your bags, curtains, or mirrors to completely transform your  look or your home decor.

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